Sociology Program Overview

At Manhattanville University, our students in the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Sociology degree program are sociologists who study cultures, social structures, and the myriad relationships that inhabit individuals, communities, and societies.

The courses you take and projects you complete will enhance your personal development and examine major social forces that influence our lives now and in history. The research and analytical skills you gain as a sociology major open a wide variety of career opportunities from academics and research to public services and community organizing.

By understanding the social roots of personal concerns and issues, graduates of Manhattanville’s BA in Sociology degree program will be equipped to construct a more just society at any scale.


Flexible Studies in Sociology and Anthropology

Follow study plans that incorporate your interests and leverage the expertise of our sociology and anthropology faculty. The topics you may learn about and research include:

  • Race and ethnicity
  • Gender and sexuality
  • Inequality
  • Global perspectives
  • Environmental sociology
  • Cultural anthropology
  • Cities
  • Subcultures
  • Globalization

When you understand cultures, human relationships, and how to effectively use analytical methods to draw conclusions, the number of careers where you’d be successful is nearly endless. Graduates of the BA in Sociology at Manhattanville tailor their studies and gain real-world internship and research experience that fuels exciting careers and furthers education in sociology and anthropology.

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Manhattanville sociology majors receive rigorous training in social theory and social science research methods, backed by applied research and internship experiences. Its uniquely flexible structure features a range of elective courses in more complex sociological and anthropological topics.

Requirements for the bachelor’s in sociology degree program include:

  • Three required sociology courses (Introduction to Sociology, Social Science Research Methods, and Classical Social Theory)
  • Seven electives in sociology, two of which must be 3000-level seminars
  • Completion of First Year Program and general education requirements
  • Electives in your major or other areas to complete 120-credit bachelor’s degree

Review complete requirements for the BA in Sociology and full-time undergraduate general degree requirements.

In addition to learning about classical social theory and research, students are exposed to the multiple intersections between sociology and life. Course offerings vary based on the expertise of our faculty, and may include courses such as:

  • Environmental Social Movements
  • History of Social Action
  • Globalization and Social Change
  • Climate Change and Society
  • Sociology of New York City
  • Music and Society
  • Race & Ethnicity 
  • Sociology of Youth Subcultures
  • Gender in Global Perspective


Sociology Internship and Volunteer Opportunities

Many sociology and anthropology courses are designed to incorporate hands-on learning. For example, in Environmental Sociology, students participate in a community gardening initiative. Additionally, students may volunteer with real nonprofit agencies and social justice organizations in the New York and Greater Hudson Valley area and beyond.

A dedicated sociology internship course offers interested students the opportunity to reality-test their career interests and make an impact in the field before graduation. Earn academic credit for working as an intern for various social service agencies and private organizations, assisted throughout the process by the Center for Career Development.


Learn more about credit-bearing undergraduate sociology internships


Applied Research Experience

Through dedicated training in research and methodology, students in the BA in Sociology program at Manhattanville can hone their research interests and gain in-demand skills valued by employers across multiple industries and sectors.


Sociology Career Pathways

Recent graduates of our sociology program have found careers in social work, education, the nonprofit sector and community organizations, law or policy, marketing, public relations, research, healthcare, and many fields that concern humans and their social and cultural worlds. Students can train for careers in areas including:

  • Managing cultural, historical, or natural resources
  • Social work and policy
  • Archives and research
  • Law and criminal justice
  • Public service
  • Education

Pursue advanced degrees to find careers in anthropology, archaeology, research, and education to become a professor or academic associate working for educational and research institutions. Or, begin entry-level careers in research, public service, public health, business, or community organizing.


Division Chair

Full-Time Faculty

Faculty Emeritus

  • Nancy Harris
  • John Murray
  • David Eisenhower

Adjunct Faculty

  • Dakibu Muley, MSW


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We offer a minor  to help students in other majors further their depth of knowledge and skill in understanding various cultures and social influences on human individuals and groups.

Review requirements for the sociology minor program


Learn From Other Disciplines

Manhattanville’s academic advisors help support students pursuing an interdisciplinary path and students adding a minor or second major to ensure they take advantage of each academic and experiential opportunity they can.

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Manhattanville’s financial aid and admissions assistance ensures you don’t feel alone during this process. Manhattanville keeps education affordable through scholarship opportunities and work-study programs; 98% of our students receive some form of financial aid.


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Manhattanville University’s BA in Sociology degree program offers students a flexible curriculum that equips them with research and writing skills and a high-level understanding of social issues and influences, useful in a wide range of fulfilling careers.

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