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Study Abroad

Manhattanville offers the opportunity to visit the world.

Our highly regarded connections with international institutions, colleges, universities, and providers make living and studying abroad an even more appealing option.

Spain, Italy, France, Ireland, the UK, Germany, Israel, South Africa, Japan, Costa Rica, Chile, Argentina, and Mexico are just some of the major countries that you can add to your academic and life experience.

Our very competitive programs range from specializing in the arts, humanities, and social sciences to programs in globalization, leadership, and health and community concerns. Whether your desire is to study politics, the European Union, or Asian fine arts, Study Abroad makes it happen.

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Manhattanville offers three types of programs for you to choose from for studying abroad.

You have opportunities to travel, learn, and deeper your field within Mville’s global network. 

Our direct exchange programs are based on formal agreements between Manhattanville and other institutions which specify a balanced number of student exchanges annually. Students pay what they normally pay for tuition every semester at Manhattanville University (all institutional and federal money is available) and pay the cost of the room and board of the host academic institution.

Two students are approved per year in the exchange program. 

Courses from Manhattanville direct exchange programs are calculated into the student's cumulative grade point average.



Students proficient in French can spend a semester at Universite Paul-Valery/Montpellier III, Montpellier, France. The program includes courses in art history, French, sociology, literature/theatre, business, and economics. 

Universite Paul-Valery/Montpellier III


A direct exchange is offered through the National University of Ireland, Maynooth — a liberal arts academic institution located just 20 minutes outside of Dublin.

National University of Ireland, Maynooth



A direct exchange program specialized in Asian Studies is offered through Kansai-Gaidai University in Osaka.

Kansai-Gaidai University

Direct exchange students can spend a semester at one of Japan's top research universities, Keio University in Tokyo.

Keio University


United Kingdom
A direct exchange is offered through the University of Roehampton, London. The University has a broad range of expertise across the arts and humanities, social sciences, and the human and life sciences, at the same time as maintaining its historic strength in education. 

University of Roehampton


Most students are eligible to receive a maximum $5,000 of their Manhattanville aid towards the study abroad actual tuition cost.

Federal and/or state aid and loans can be applied to the cost of the remaining balance of Manhattanville tuition. If outside funding exceeds the cost of Manhattanville tuition, students have access to the remainder of that money to use toward the housing (room and board) cost of the study abroad program.

Courses from Manhattanville cooperative programs are calculated into the student's cumulative grade point average.

Students must have a minimum of 3.0 G.P.A. or higher, be a Junior or first-semester Senior at the time of the overseas study and have no financial holds. 

Students must have completed at least ONE year of relevant foreign language study. 



API Abroad
API offers study, intern, and volunteer abroad programs across the globe. Browse the countries, cultures, and languages our abroad programs are offered in.


AIFS Abroad
AIFS offers a wide range of unique study abroad programs in Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas, plus multi-destination Study and Travel programs throughout Western Europe, Asia and Australia.


CIS Abroad
CIS Abroad provides affordable study abroad programs and international internships in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, Asia and Africa.


IFSA Abroad
IFSA, affiliated with Butler University, offers an array of “future-focused” study abroad options throughout the globe.

For students who cannot meet the criteria for cooperative programs, many independent possibilities exist.  Summer is the perfect time to consider an independent program. In contrast to Manhattanville's cooperative programs, students in independent programs are not able to take their Manhattanville institutional aid. Financing independent programs relies entirely on the student's federal financial aid and personal funds. Credits for independent programs will be issued as transfer credits only in block format; individual courses and grades will not appear on the transcript.

So what's stopping you? Look through our programs and find out what is best for you!

Resources for Independent Programs

For Cooperative Programs, you must declare a major before you can apply. You must be in good standing and fully disclose a statement of any violations of the University Code explaining any past or current violations. Failure of the disclosure will result in forfeiture of any favorable decision rendered by the Study Abroad Committee. 

You must submit the application form in the link below and attend an interview with the Director of Experiential Learning. If you are approved, you must submit a completed application to the host institution through their Office of Study Abroad. 

Before completing the study abroad application form, you should prepare the following documents/information. Uploading these documents into the application. 

  • ESSAY – a maximum of 700-word – explaining what inspired you to want to studying abroad 
  • UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT – obtain on ServiceHub. Print/Save as a PDF file. 
  • STUDENT PLANNING - project your study abroad semester AND the remaining semesters leading to graduation. List the same projected courses on your Course Equivalency Form (for faculty approval). Print/Save the audit as a PDF. 
  • ACADEMIC REFERENCES - ask TWO Faculty Members to write you letters of reference confirming your ability to study abroad (one must come from your major department).

Click here for the Study Abroad Application Form:

If you are approved to study abroad, you must submit the following documents through the Office of Study Abroad.

  • Complete the required application for the host institution where you will be studying
  • Apply for an official transcript from the Mville Registrar
  • Submit the required medical forms (both the programs and Mville)
  • Submit other documentation (photos, etc.) required by the host program 

If you are a Direct Exchange student coming to Manhattanville to study please see Office of International Students Services webpage.


The Independent Program materials do not go through the committee selection process. You should research the program, receive course approvals from faculty, and follow up on your own. The Office of Study Abroad is available for guidance and advice. All courses must be pre-approved. 

You should submit the Course Equivalency Approval Form (Only one form) for Independent Programs. 

Summer programs are independent and are not part of any selection process. You should submit the Interest Form to share your experience. Meanwhile, we keep track of where our students are going. If you are taking academic courses, we encourage you to go through the approval process so that your credits will be transferred back to Mville successfully. 

You submit Course Equivalency Approval Form (Only one form) for Summer Programs. 

Budget Worksheet
This Study Abroad Budget Worksheet is designed to help you estimate the costs of your study abroad and to compare costs across programs you may be considering. If you have questions regarding costs, please reach out to the

Clearance Checklist
This checklist is designed to help you to plan before studying abroad.  



Academic Support Services

Accessibility, Internships, Tutoring, Writing

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) provides free Peer Tutoring sessions for undergraduate students. Through the ARC, students receive individual and group support in a variety of subjects at all levels of the curriculum.

The Center for Student Accessibility partners with students to empower them to take ownership of their college journey. The Center also strives to increase positive dialogue surrounding disabilities, promoting the "people first" approach and communicating the message that disability is an integral part of diversity.

The Andrew Bodenrader Center for Academic Writing and Composition has a mission is to provide Manhattanville students with support at any stage of the writing process. We strive to build the confidence of student writers through encouraging, collaborative one-to-one sessions with peer tutors, graduate Writing Center Fellows, and Academic Writing faculty. 

The Center for Career Development is committed to individualized career exploration counseling, self-assessment, skill development, and utilizing internship and job search strategies that empower students to take ownership in their personal and professional success.

Additional Academic Services

The Valiant Advising Team supports students by providing information about academic policies and degree requirements, assists students in the course selection process, and offers students support and appropriate referrals to other campus resources.

The Library offers impressive collections and outstanding services to help all of our students succeed in the classroom and beyond.

The Registrar's Office has the responsibility to maintain timely and accurate records of the academic progress of all students while upholding the privacy and security of those records.

The Office of Instructional Technology is here to support students, faculty, and staff towards successful teaching and learning. Get tips about online courses, find support, and more.

The Office of the Provost provides valuable information and links to resources for faculty, and for staff who work for, or with the faculty in furthering our educational mission.

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