Criminal Law

Criminal Law Program Overview

The bachelor’s in criminal law program is a four-year degree covering the necessary material for students interested in pursuing careers or graduate study in the fields of criminal law or law enforcement.

As a criminal law major at Manhattanville, you’ll learn from expert professors with experience in the field and demonstrate your knowledge of the practices of criminal lawyers and criminal justice professionals through mock trials, in-class oral arguments, and internships.

With small class sizes facilitating class discussion and opportunities to interact with distinguished professors, the criminal justice and law major ensures students graduate confident in their skills. Whether you’re excited about beginning your career or you want to pursue graduate credentials to practice law, teach, or do research in the field, Manhattanville’s major satisfies your goals.

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Through the BA in Criminal Law program, students learn how to read and understand complex legal material including cases and statutes. In 11 courses required for the major, you’ll write briefs and advocacy papers, learn how to write and argue effectively and persuasively, and analyze complex legal arguments.

In addition to enrolling in required courses, students majoring in Criminal Law:

  • Complete a senior seminar and research paper.
  • Take general education courses and any necessary electives to meet bachelor’s degree credit requirements.

Both criminal law and general education courses are informed by multiple points of view, integrating the disciplines of history, philosophy, and political science into the curriculum. The communication skills you develop can transfer to a variety of fields, from private-sector businesses to positions in government, and beyond. Review degree requirements for the BA in Criminal Law, including the honors and distinction track and general undergraduate degree requirements.

Criminal Justice Courses
The criminal justice courses in this program are small in size, generally ranging from 10 to 12 students in a seminar or 20 to 30 in other courses. Taught by experienced scholars and practitioners of law, the required criminal justice courses include:

  • Intro to Criminal Justice
  • Intro to Political Thought
  • Criminal Law
  • Criminal Procedure

The BA in Criminal Law also requires a course in ethics. Review complete course requirements, including course descriptions.

Criminal Law Internship and Senior Evaluation
Built into the degree curriculum are opportunities for internships as well as a senior evaluation project that demonstrates your knowledge of criminal proceedings and your ability to write and communicate effectively.

Whether you earn internship experience in a criminal or legal setting or you write an innovative research paper on a topic explored in your senior seminar, the criminal law degree program ensures you can exhibit your skills to future employers.

Learn about the criminal law degree’s senior evaluation requirements and about internships available through the Center for Career Development.

Manhattanville also offers a BA in Political Science for students seeking education in the legal field in preparation for their career or further study.

Minor in Criminal  Law
Depending on your interests, you may want to add a minor in criminal law to the BA in Political Science or other political science and sociology degrees:

Minor Requirements

POS.1005 Introduction to Criminal Justice


POS.2024 Criminal Procedure


POS.2093 Criminal Law


POS.2010 Courts, Criminal Trials, and Evidence


. OR  
POS.2087 Introduction to Common Law


POS.3001 Perspective Seminar


If you’re interested in studying criminal justice or law-related fields, our criminal law degree’s career-driven curriculum imparts knowledge of the fundamental procedures of the criminal court systems, political and social theories of crime, and philosophical approaches to justice.

Find complete undergraduate admissions information and learn about financial aid at Manhattanville.

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With our Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Law, students can prepare for graduate degrees in criminal justice or law and succeed in a variety of positions in both public and private environments.

Manhattanville boasts world class faculty who are committed to teaching students to be ethical and socially responsible leaders in a global community. The faculty ensures the intellectual and personal development of each student. Professors teaching in the program have research expertise in American politics, global legal issues, US legal history, international politics, genocide studies, global energy politics, and other related issues.

Program Director
Matthew Pauley

Adjunct Faculty
Scott M. Grant

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