Global and International Studies

Global and International Studies Program Overview

Manhattanville’s Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Global and International Studies degree program provides a broad scope of learning to uncover the complexities of global politics, economics, social movements, cultures, and environments.

As an international studies major, you’ll flexibly build foundational knowledge of the global issues of today and their historical contexts and spend ample time in an area of concentration that reflects your interests. Focus on a region or culture, international economics or politics, languages or business, or design a personalized course of study that prepares you for your future career path.

Through studying global civics, a wealth of interdisciplinary electives, and hands-on internships nearby the worldwide hub of New York City, graduates of Manhattanville’s international studies bachelor’s degree become prepared for a variety of exciting careers like aid, policy, translation, journalism, research, education, economics, and business.

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International studies majors learn how current events relate to every aspect of our lives. Our program helps students practice a large range of interpersonal and analytical skills that lead to success in government, service organizations, journalism, travel and tourism, and more.

Learning isn’t limited to the classroom. Students in the BA in Global and International Studies (GAIS) degree program find internships with international corporations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and non-profit organizations in New York City and the surrounding area. They’ve worked in environmental conservation, economic research, women’s issues, international aid, and more before graduating with their bachelor’s.

The experience-driven BA in Global and International Studies requires just two core courses, an introductory course and a final senior seminar. Beyond that, you’ll take courses including:

  • Three courses in International Politics and Economics area
  • Three courses in Global Justice and Development area
  • Three courses in Global Cultures area
  • Junior research seminar

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Global and International Studies Courses
Coursework in the global studies degree program draws upon several disciplines to paint a well-rounded picture of the world’s issues and to hone students’ critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills to confront them head on.

Available courses span the arts, humanities, languages, and social sciences. Students can make selections that develop their expertise in sub-areas, such as writing, translation, global economics, art, business, social research, gender studies, or humanitarianism.

You make take courses including:

  • Latin American Economic History
  • Environmental Politics
  • Politics in the Middle East
  • Globalization and Social Change
  • Emerging Global Powers
  • Queer Film and Media Studies
  • International Trade: Theory and Policy
  • International Management
  • War and Human Rights: Geneva Convention
  • Race and Housing Inequality
  • Introduction to Postcolonial Literature
  • Modern Asian Literature
  • Gender in Global Perspective

Through the flexible curriculum, students in Manhattanville’s GAIS major program may concentrate on a country or region’s history and politics, world religions, health, learning a language, environmental efforts, indigenous rights, the global South, film, media, and more.

Senior Seminar
After completing a research methods-focused Junior Seminar, international studies majors are ready for a Senior Seminar in International Studies, where they synthesize their diverse coursework and experience into a powerful senior thesis in their final year. This long-term project demonstrates professional and academic talent to future employers or graduate programs.

NYC International Studies Internships 
International studies majors at Manhattanville enjoy unique access to one of the world’s global hubs for business, art, journalism, justice, and non-profit aid, New York City. With the help of Manhattanville’s Center for Career Development, students find credit-bearing and experience-building internships here and abroad.

Get experience in business organizations, non-profit organizations, and more. Students have worked in internship capacities for employers including:

  • International Rescue Committee (IRC)
  • Virginia Gildersleeve International Fund (VGIF)
  • Permanent Mission of Costa Rica at the United Nations
  • Mexico-Israel Chamber of Commerce in Mexico City
  • WINGSWorldQuest

Learn about internships for course credit at Manhattanville.

Tailored Career Preparation
Manhattanville’s BA in Global and International Studies degree program intentionally allows students the freedom to build a deeper experience in an area of their choice in advance of beginning their careers or pursuing graduate studies.

Whether interning with a global trade organization or developing a research interest in a region or global issue, students pursuing the international studies bachelor’s degree are exposed to skills benefitting a global approach to modern careers.

Careers for International Studies Majors
International studies degrees impart cultural awareness and knowledge of the current state of the world, along with research, analysis, and writing skills. These skills position students for career opportunities where a global perspective is valuable, including public services, business, government, social services, marketing, communications, media, language, education, and more.

International studies program graduates find opportunities in roles including:

  • Business analyst
  • Writer or journalist
  • Campaign coordinator
  • International relations specialist
  • Foreign service officer
  • Translator
  • Program coordinator

Whether it’s politics, economic development, disaster relief, or aid for survivors of gender violence or refugee crises, you’ll have the interpersonal, research, and communication skills necessary to make a difference through an informed lens.

Advanced Global Careers
The BA in Global and International Studies prepares students to pursue further graduate or professional education down the road. Advanced master’s or doctoral degrees are necessary for high-level research or academic careers such as professor or anthropologist. A master’s in business program may be the next step in your path in international economics, marketing education, public health, and other advanced career fields.

In the Bachelor of Arts in Global and International Studies program, you’ll gain the writing, presentation, research, and analytical skills that prepare you to take on these graduate-level studies and produce work that shapes the world for the better.

Study Abroad
Get the opportunity to apply your knowledge to real issues across the world. Manhattanville’s study abroad programs allow students interested in all subjects, from environmental conservation to tourism, the opportunity to travel and study abroad for course credit. Manhattanville offers guidance for students to find exchange programs, cooperative programs, or independently funded study abroad opportunities.

Manhattanville’s connections with international educational institutions have allowed students to go to Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America to build rich experiences in global studies.

Explore study abroad programs at Manhattanville.


Enhance Your Global Studies Education
Both academic and extracurricular opportunities at Manhattanville can add to your global studies bachelor’s degree education. Find collaboration opportunities with other departments on campus to supplement your knowledge and broaden your perspectives, such as the World Religions program. Clubs and organizations can tailor your resume to areas you wish to focus on an international scale. Join the Finance Society, connect with students interested in art history or news and media, or write for the College’s literary magazine.

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Additional Resources
Manhattanville has resources supporting all students’ academic success and professional or personal development. There are also special programs and facilities just for global and international studies majors.

Global and International Studies Minor
If a different Manhattanville major program interests you, pursuing a minor in Global and International Studies can widen your perspective in any chosen field. Understanding current events and world cultures and getting practical experience in research will enhance any training in business, the humanities, the arts, media communication, marketing, and more.

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Earning a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Global and International Studies degree at Manhattanville University is a flexible and student-driven experience opening the doors to dynamic and exciting careers that push boundaries and cross borders.

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