Undergraduate Education

Manhattanville offers more than 30 academic programs that will help prepare you for the working world while providing you with a traditional liberal arts education. While you’re here, you'll be able to take advantage of everything New York City has to offer, while still being able to relax and spend time with friends on our 100-acre quad.


Undergraduate Applicants

Join our community of faculty and students ready to make an impact on the world! At Manhattanville, we want to make the college application process as easy as possible. Whether you are a first-year student, transfer, international, or part-time student, we have information on the admissions process that is specific to you — including application deadlines, materials, and requirements.



See the diverse selection of academic programs we offer.


Non-Degree Applicants

Anyone can apply to take Non-matriculated courses! Often non-matriculated or non-degree seeking students are high school students looking to take a dual enrollment course, college students looking to take a class over the summer break, or members of our local communities exploring new-found passions! Some courses do have prerequisite requirements. Students applying to take a course with a prerequisite are required to provide a transcript showing they have met any prerequisite requirements. 

Graduate Schools and Programs

Whether you’re looking to climb up the corporate ladder, prepare today’s youth for tomorrow’s world, or become an award-winning writer, our graduate programs can help you get where you want to be


School of Arts and Sciences

Write the next great American novel, launch the next big business, or study the next biomedical breakthrough—more than 90% of our science labs are less than 10 years old!—with our wide range of arts and sciences graduate degrees, certificates, and professional development programs.


School of Education

Our School of Education offers the highest number of programs in the region, with specialties in childhood education, applied behavior analysis, literacy, special education, and more.


School of Nursing/Health Sciences

Fast-track your medical career and help advance our region’s top-notch healthcare industry with a graduate degree from our School of Nursing and Health Sciences. Our fully accredited nursing program has an NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) pass rate of 100%.