Political Science

Political Science Overview

Students in the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Political Science degree program at Manhattanville University study the mechanisms that drive political processes and build the practical experience preparing them to navigate the complexities of politics in a substantial range of careers.

Majoring in political science is the first step to making a positive impact on society. As a broad, comprehensive field, political science provides a foundation for pathways in law, public administration, business, journalism, education, and more. 

Whether you want to use your training in international relations theory to write policy, join the campaign trail, or pursue graduate education in public administration or law, Manhattanville’s BA in Political Science program equips you for your future.


Explore the Political Science Major at Manhattanville 

Historically, the study of civic institutions and systems was the central focus of political science. However, the scope of the discipline has broadened as more are affected by centralized political authorities wielding power in a global economy that enriches some while impoverishing many.


In the political science major program, you will gain knowledge and skills in:

Local, national, and international political systems

The American legal and government system

Foundations of political ideologies

Global political issues

Political and civic approaches to environmental and societal issues

Analytical and critical thinking

Reading and analyzing legal materials including cases and statutes

Research methods

Written and verbal communication and presentation skills


In antiquity, the Greeks referred to politics as a “kingly art.” If you’re concerned with the ways of the government and how it can best serve its citizens, learn more about becoming a political science major at Manhattanville.


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As a political science major at Manhattanville, you’ll study a curriculum that covers the historical backgrounds and philosophical foundations of a variety of political systems in the contemporary world. You’ll learn how to analyze past and current events, issues, and global trends. Additionally, you’ll gain experience in real-world government, nonprofit, or private sector settings through individualized field research and internship opportunities.


Requirements for the bachelor of political science degree program include:

  • Four core courses in introductory political science topics
    • (American Government, Political Thought, International Relations, Comparative Politics)
  • Six political science elective courses (or completion of a minor in Legal Studies or Criminal Justice and Law)
  • Completion of First Year Program and general education requirements
  • A total of 120 course credits

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Political Science Courses

Courses in the political science degree program combine hands-on experience with close faculty interaction in the classroom.

Electives include

  • Constitutional Law
  • Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure
  • Interest Groups and Social Movements
  • Law and Business Ethics
  • Environmental Politics

Check out a list of political science courses from previous years.


Internship and Research Opportunities 

Political science majors may find opportunities to engage in civic processes by signing up for the semester-long internship course. Students have completed internships to reality-test their ideal careers working for government offices and campaigns, nonprofit organizations, and more.

If you’re interested in pursuing a research-based career such as a political scientist or research professor, an independent study course can allow you to delve head-on into a project relevant to your research area. Under the supervision of an experienced faculty researcher, you’ll develop a research project and prepare for further education and research careers.


Career Pathways for Political Science Majors

A bachelor's degree in political science can be the starting point for a career in law, policy, foreign service, community organizing, legislation, or lobbying.

You could work for a politician or political organization in public relations, fundraising, or management; or government agencies and offices as a policy analyst. You’ll be qualified to pursue careers as a legislative assistant, marketing or social media manager, market research analyst, public relations specialist, campaign staffer, and many other roles working for elected officials or their campaigns, as well as public and private political entities. Or, take your education and life experience on the campaign trail and endeavor to become an elected official.

Students who have training and experience in government systems and domestic and international politics can also do well in careers writing about politics as a journalist or freelance writer, or careers teaching politics, civics, and government. However, further education and training are needed to become a certified teacher or college professor.


Political Science Career Outlook and Salary

Politics and the government will always be a part of our lives. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of political scientists is predicted to grow 6% from 2021-2031. Entry-level careers and salaries you may be qualified for include:

To advance to mid- or senior-level political science careers, legal roles, or foreign and public service, gaining work experience and pursuing additional graduate education such as a master’s or doctoral degree can be helpful. This can lead to more advanced roles and higher salaries in policy and public administration, as well as opportunities to specialize in a subfield of political science, such as political theory or international relations.

If your goal is to become a political scientist,lawyer, professor, research associate, or changemaker at a high level, majoring in political science at Manhattanville lays the foundation for these high-level career paths in policy and academics. Public policy directors and consultants can act as liaisons between private organizations and government officials.

Full-Time Faculty

  • Matthew Pauley, JD, PhD

Adjunct Faculty

  • Robert Ashkinaze
  • Albert Degatano, Esq
  • James C. Hasenfus, Esq
  • Judge Peter Passidomo

Please contact any of the above faculty or the Division Chair for more information or call 914.323.7182.

Manhattanville also offers a minor in political science to add to a different bachelor’s degree program. For many fields in communication, media, law, and science, a foundation of politics, government, and policy enhances your career prospects and skills in an in-demand area.

Review the requirements for the political science minor.


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 From becoming a translator to confronting environmental disasters, many extremely important career paths involve political science education as it intersects with other disciplines. All Manhattanville political science majors are exposed to subsets of the field, but adding a minor or double major in a related field can enhance career prospects in your ideal niche.

With the help of your advisor, discover if you would benefit from adding a secondary field of study to your bachelor’s degree program.


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Manhattanville University’s BA in Political Science degree program equips students to navigate a variety of political systems in a globalized, intersectional world through opportunities for real-world experience and student-driven plans of study.

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