Computer Science

Computer Science

Computer Science Program Overview 

Computer science majors will learn that while computer science is an applied science, where skills and knowledge are used to accomplish a goal or test a theory, it’s also a theoretical science. After earning a BA or BS in Computer Science, you’ll not only understand the structures and limitations of computer science, but you’ll be able to devise algorithms and design languages that others can apply.

Whether you’re building the next Candy Crush, protecting a business from information-stealing hackers, or helping the government analyze reams of data to combat international threats, computer science skills are sought after in a variety of industries.

Through a foundation of mathematical and analytical skills, development projects, and courses in applied and theoretical computer science, the BA and BS in Computer Science uniquely prepares undergraduates for careers in computer science or graduate computer science programs.

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The Computer Science degree requires a minimum of 120 credits. Requirements for the computer science major consist of core classes in computer science and a final project completed in your senior year.

Manhattanville’s computer science major requires:

  • Around 10 core computer science courses
  • Two advanced computer science or math elective courses
  • Completion of the Senior Evaluation, where students develop and present a capstone project like a new device or piece of software

With this degree program, you’ll learn fundamental and advanced computer science topics like:

  • Program design
  • Data structures, algorithms, and database design
  • Computer architecture and low-level programming
  • Java programming and programming languages
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Cybersecurity and computer networks
  • Necessary math and science knowledge

Computer science majors can personalize their degree toward their interests, with courses often offered in AI, machine learning, and deep learning. Students also decide whether to direct a portion of core classes toward advanced mathematics or a path including applications of web development and interactive media systems.

In addition to core computer science courses and the senior evaluation project, the bachelor’s degree requires general education courses in subjects like math, science, humanities, global perspectives, and languages. The First Year Experience program specifically includes a freshman seminar and academic writing courses emphasizing critical thinking skills and effective communication.

Review complete computer science degree curriculum, including general education requirements.

Computer Science Courses and Senior Project
The bachelor’s in computer science program is designed to integrate valuable coding and programming with effective classroom instruction. Core computer science courses cover necessary math and programming skills, design and analysis skills, and formal processes used in the computer science industry.

As a computer science major, you’ll take courses like:

  • Computer Programming I and II
  • Database Design and Construction
  • Programming Language
  • Computer Systems Architecture and Programs

In these courses, you might work on actual client projects, create websites, or design apps, but the Computer Science degree culminates in the Senior Evaluation project, where students spend their senior year researching, producing, and presenting a final project such as a program, device, or system.

Over the fall and spring semesters of your senior year, the Senior Evaluation will consist of:

  • Identifying possible projects and conducting background research
  • Proposing your project idea at the end of the fall semester
  • Developing your final product in the spring semester
  • Creating and presenting a report of your experience

Explore more computer science course offerings, including the Senior Evaluation.

In the below video, Jonathan Munson, Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science, provides an overview of the computer science program offerings and the Senior Evaluation project.

Data Lab: Computer Science Internship
The Data Lab is where a group of Manhattanville students and faculty members meet weekly in the Center for Design Thinking to tackle actual client projects using technology. Whether other academic departments at Manhattanville need help to analyze data or a local organization needs assistance on a project, the Data Lab is a great way to get exposed to different applications of computer science in the real world.

Faculty in the Data Lab are happy to advise students who wish to do an Independent Study, or co-advise Senior or Capstone projects. If you work on a project at the Data Lab, it counts as an internship, showing future employers you have experience working with a team to achieve a result. Explore Data Lab projects.

For more information, interested students or prospective partners from local businesses and non-profits please contact

Whether you’re interested in artificial intelligence, machine learning, information assurance, or software development, earning a bachelor’s degree in computer science is the first step toward a fulfilling career in any industry. Review Manhattanville’s undergraduate admissions process and the scholarships and aid available to you.

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Manhattanville’s Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree lets students practice the skills they’ve learned on actual projects, mastering math, computer, and communication skills they need for future employment or graduate degrees in technology.

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Students must complete four required courses and one advance course.