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Mathematics Program Overview

Joining the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Mathematics degree program at Manhattanville University is the best route to bring your analytical and critical thinking skills to an array of careers.

As a math major, you’ll hone your talents in preparation for in-demand career paths ranging from financial analysis, software development, cryptography, computer science, analytics, or biotechnology, to teaching mathematics in classrooms of various ages.

Manhattanville’s mathematics degree program mission is to train students to creatively and thoughtfully apply mathematics to other disciplines and everyday life. Learn about our math major, teaching pathways, and rigorous hands-on math curriculum.

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Students pursuing the BA in Mathematics degree program at Manhattanville develop a solid understanding of the principles of mathematics, providing the foundation for graduate studies or employment in math and any related field, including statistics, economics, and finance.


Requirements for the bachelor’s degree in mathematics include:

  • 38-39 credits in core mathematics courses
  • Completion of First Year Program and general education requirements
  • Electives to complete 120-credit bachelor’s degree program

A balance of core mathematics courses in different subfields includes a career-elevating computer programming course and general education courses that support a well-rounded liberal arts education.

Review complete requirements for the BA in Mathematics and full-time undergraduate general degree requirements.


Core Math Courses 

Core courses in the BA in Mathematics degree program may include:

  • Fundamental Concepts of Math
  • Discrete Structures
  • Number Theory
  • Geometry
  • Statistics
  • Linear Algebra

Then, choose a course in advanced mathematics, programming, or data structures:

  • Computer Programming
  • Database Design and Construction
  • Differential Equations
  • Programming Worlds Animation and Games
  • Probability


Math Teacher Degree Pathway BA/MAT

Math majors interested in a degree enabling them to teach math subjects in schools can explore Manhattanvillle’s undergraduate education pathways. Math education majors may apply to connect their bachelor’s degree to the Master of Arts in Teaching to teach Middle Childhood/Adolescence Education in Mathematics degree program.

With the addition of student teaching and seminar-style learning in the graduate degree program, students can meet the requirements of New York State and become eligible to teach mathematics in grades five through twelve.

Comprehensive Career Preparation

With applied math experiences, mathematics majors are prepared for careers in fields such as statistics, finance, data analysis, computer science, and education. Their strong quantitative reasoning and problem solving skills lead to entry-level roles as mathematicians, analysts, and data scientists with opportunities to advance and achieve high salaries through experience or further education.


Graduates of the BA in Mathematics degree program have professional and technical mathematical skills:

  • Continue their education with graduate study
  • Fulfill mathematics requirements for further academic and professional endeavors
  • Pursue additional study in related fields such as chemistry, physics, and computer science
  • Enter areas of business and industry
  • Build critical, analytical, and creative thinking skills demonstrating the value of a liberal arts education

Whether they pursue teaching math, analyzing an organization or public agency’s financial risk, or becoming more educated in technical fields, mathematics majors can make an impact in any career. 


Career Outlook and Salaries for Math Majors

The average annual salary across mathematical science occupations is $98,680, and overall employment in mathematics and related occupations is projected to grow by 29% from 2021 to 2031, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is a much higher rate than the national average.

In the lucrative and thriving field of mathematics, bachelor’s degrees open entry-level roles in business and finance, computers and technology, government and public service, healthcare, research, education, and more. Some entry-level roles such as actuary require extra academic hours and experience during certification and credentialing. Average annual salaries for math occupations may look like:

Many employers value when a prospective employee holds a master’s degree in their field. After further graduate experience in a master’s, doctoral, or post-doctoral program, students can move beyond entry-level mathematician positions to intermediate and advanced positions in academia, private research, or industry.

Building on a math major foundation can be ideal for pathways in economics or statistics, business or financial consulting, or medicine and health, as long as students pursue supporting coursework and experiences.

Full-Time Faculty

  • Mirela Djordjevic
  • Paul Ellis
  • A. Mia Heissan
  • Phyllis Lefton
  • Jonathan Munson

Faculty Emeriti

Please contact any of the above faculty or the Division Chair for more information or Division Chair: 
Christopher J. Pappas 

Mathematics Minor

Math is a highly versatile subject that can enhance critical thinking skills and broaden career options in many fields. If you intend to select a different major as your primary area of study, consider adding a minor in mathematics.

Review requirements for the minor in mathematics.

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Support an interdisciplinary career path of your choosing by pursuing a double major or minor in a complementary field:

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The Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics degree program at Manhattanville University lays a strong groundwork for students seeking success in professional domains such as finance, research, and business. Tailor your academic journey through a well-rounded curriculum and access a variety of high-paying career opportunities.

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