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The Valiant First Year Experience

The Valiant First Year Experience

At Manhattanville University, the Valiant First-Year Program offers a diverse range of curricular and co-curricular offerings to promote a holistic approach to student success in the first year of college. This encompasses not only academic achievement but also social, cultural, and intellectual growth, reflected in a robust network of support services–all designed to support students at the start of their college journey. 

As you step into our vibrant campus community, you'll find yourself surrounded by a wealth of opportunities, from the lively discussions in the classroom to the camaraderie of the dining hall, from the peaceful study spaces in the library to the welcoming atmosphere of the residence halls, from the excitement of the athletic fields to the serenity of our Wellness Lounge.

Diversity is at the heart of our community, where students from various backgrounds and perspectives come together to learn and grow. We embrace and celebrate this diversity, recognizing it as a source of enrichment and inspiration for us all.

So, welcome to Manhattanville University, where your journey begins and where together we can forge a brighter tomorrow.


What Students Learn and Do in Year One 

Across coursework, special programming, and on-campus activities, students in their first year of college at Manhattanville:

  • Develop proficiency in the technical skills necessary for effectively managing college life.
  • Foster foundational academic skills that will build confidence and empower students to meet the high expectations of college-level studies.
  • Strengthen essential skills in critical thinking, written expression, and oral communication.
  • Cultivate tolerance to differing ethical, political, and cultural perspectives and the ability to work effectively as part of a team.
  • Engage with others from different walks of life and develop a sense of belonging to the Manhattanville community.


First-Year Program Curriculum

Manhattanville’s First-Year Program curriculum is the centerpiece of the Valiant First-Year Experience. Our dedicated faculty and staff create an environment that ensures students are prepared to excel academically, connect with peers, and navigate the many opportunities that Manhattanville offers.
1 Semester
For new college students and transfer students with fewer than thirty transfer credits, Manhattanville’s distinctive first-year seminar supports the transition to college by equipping students with the essential tools, academic skills, and personal connections necessary for a successful and fulfilling academic journey. Students learn how to manage college life, pursue studies at the next level, and engage with Manhattanville and the surrounding community through internships and service learning.
2 Semesters
The year-long introductory College Writing course cultivates and strengthens essential skills in critical thinking, written expression, and oral communication. In the first semester, students learn strategies for written analysis, persuasion, and argumentation, as well as editing for grammar, style, and structure. During the second semester students acquire valuable skills in research and critical composition. These skills are essential to successful, meaningful academic work and will facilitate informed citizenship in college and beyond.

Life as a First-Year Student

Manhattanville's student life is diverse, inclusive, and respectful. The community actively participates in events with visiting scholars and partners with equality and advocacy organizations in the local area.

Uncover Inclusive Excellence Initiatives
Uncover Inclusive Excellence Initiatives

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Your exceptional and personalized first-year college student journey begins with Manhattanville University’s First-Year Program, a fusion of opportunities in engaging academics and real-world experiences.  Learn more about the Valiant experience today.