Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education Program Overview

At Manhattanville University, our Bachelor of Science (BS) in Early Childhood Education degree program provides a bridge between foundational theories and hands-on practice, integrating specialized coursework with immersive teaching experiences.

If you are inspired to influence the formative years from birth to grade 2, Manhattanville's early childhood education (ECE) degree equips students with holistic preparation in a supportive, community-driven environment and positions them to earn Initial Teacher Certification in New York State.

Located in proximity to a myriad of public, private, and charter educational institutions in the vibrant New York City area, our early childhood education program unveils the opportunities and approaches in which quality early education can profoundly shape a child's trajectory for a brighter future.

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State Approved  Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education  

By completing academic requirements and engaging in dedicated student teaching experiences and New York State teacher preparation workshops, students fulfill the educational criteria needed to secure Initial Teacher Certification in New York, qualifying them as educators from birth through grade 2.

Students in the early childhood education program can tailor their degree by focusing on a preferred liberal arts or science area, aligning with diverse career aspirations. Explore opportunities to immerse in real-world teaching settings and prepare to demonstrate required skills for certification.

As a major in the BS in Early Childhood Education program, complete courses in foundational teaching methods and a liberal arts or science area:

  • Natural sciences
  • Social and behavioral sciences
  • English literature and writing

As students progress through the degree, they learn in real-world settings through field placement experiences and a clinical student teaching semester aimed at state-approved preparation in education up to grade 2.


Requirements for the BS in Early Childhood Education degree include:

  • General education requirements
  • 40 credits in early childhood education and development coursework
  • 60 credits in liberal arts credits
  • Electives to fulfill Bachelor of Science credit requirements
  • Clinical student teaching experience

Review the Manhattanville University Catalog for complete Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education requirements.


Student Teaching Component

In the Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education program at Manhattanville University, the student teaching semester and regular field placements are foundational elements, preparing a pathway toward certification goals in early childhood education.

With this preparation, students are equipped to inspire young learners in daycare centers, pre-schools, kindergartens, and elementary schools, making a difference one child at a time. This hands-on approach not only provides invaluable insights into the educator's role but also positions them for successful certification to teach from birth to grade 2.

Manhattanville offers the Bachelor of Arts degree as well as three specialized Bachelor of Science programs, while also offering options for combined Master's education programs, and a specialized track for students pursuing Physical Education.

Explore Manhattanville's diverse offerings designed to prepare the next generation of educators for every stage of the student journey.

Embark on a journey to becoming an early childhood educator in Manhattanville’s School of Education. Begin by submitting your application as an undergraduate liberal arts and sciences major and indicating your interest in the early childhood education program.

After your admission, the first courses you take such as Foundations in Early Childhood Development prepare you to transition into the School of Education and the Bachelor of Science program in your sophomore year.

For the next steps, check out undergraduate admissions or connect with an admissions counselor.


Transfer Admissions

If you've finished coursework in early childhood education or have previous undergraduate credits, consider applying to both the School of Education and Manhattanville University at the same time for a seamless transition into the early childhood education degree curriculum.

Learn about transfer admissions at Manhattanville.


Explore Scholarships and Aid

Our students turn their dreams into reality using robust financial aid opportunities, and the Financial Aid Office stands ready to answer any questions they have along the way. Reflecting this commitment, 98 percent of our students leverage federal aid and scholarships.

Review scholarship and aid details and contact the Financial Aid Office team for assistance.


Earn a BS in Early Childhood Education at Manhattanville University

Manhattanville's Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education program is more than just a degree — it's a gateway to shaping the earliest educational experiences of young learners.

Visit our vibrant campus or kick-start your application today.