Biology and Biomedical Sciences Accelerated Program

Biology and Biomedical Sciences Program Overview

Manhattanville University’s accelerated dual degree biology program combines an undergraduate biology degree (Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts) with a Master of Science (MS) in Biomedical Sciences degree in a total of just five years.

Through experiential lab learning and opportunities to grow your skills in off-campus internships, students in the accelerated dual degree Biology + MS in Biomedical Sciences program enhance their biomedical career opportunities with a master’s degree, completed just one more year after their biology major.

The accelerated dual degree biology and biomedical science program offers Manhattanville biology majors a seamless transition to the MS in Biomedical Sciences degree. Earning this master’s degree elevates the biomedical skill set and demonstrates a dedication to the field, leading to career advancement.

Master’s programs in biomedical sciences can be used as a valuable stepping stone to prepare for doctoral programs in health and medicine, as well as give graduates an edge when entering the biomedical sciences job market.

Two accelerated dual degree pathways exist for biology and biomedical sciences:

  • BA Biology + MS Biomedical Sciences
  • BS Biology + MS Biomedical Sciences

Either pathway may suit you depending on your professional interests and goals. You may find the number of free electives in the Bachelor of Arts (BA) program more attractive, or you may seek more math and science coursework in the Bachelor of Science (BS) program. Manhattanville’s admissions counseling team will help you find the right program for you.

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Master’s programs in biomedical science are attractive options for extending your technical skill and professional experience after earning a bachelor’s degree in biology. Complete a portion of graduate credits while still in your bachelor’s degree program with Manhattanville’s accelerated dual degree biology program format.

Years One–Three: Undergraduate biology program coursework

Year Four: Begin taking courses for MS in Biomedical Sciences dual credit

Year Five: Complete graduate program requirements and graduate with a combined bachelor’s and master’s

The addition of graduate-level student research experience to a bachelor’s degree in biology positions students for success in a variety of careers, from biomedical research and education to medical practice.

Prepare for advanced career paths with Manhattanville’s accelerated dual degree programs.

Requirements for the accelerated degree in biomedical science combine those of either the BA or BS in Biology and the MS in Biomedical Sciences.

The BA or BS begins to expose students to research and laboratory experiences with a solid scientific foundation. Graduate coursework builds those skills and relationships leading up to a final thesis project in a specialized field. This can take the form of a teaching assistantship or laboratory research project in areas such as bioethics, microbiology, biotechnology, and global health.

Requirements for the BA or BS + MS in Biomedical Sciences accelerated dual degree program include:

  • 120 undergraduate credits
  • 30 graduate credits

A portion of your upper-level undergraduate coursework will count for dual credit for the MS in Biomedical Sciences, shortening the graduate program to fit in just one extra year after finishing the requirements of the traditional biology major.

As a student in the accelerated biology degree program, you’ll gain unrivaled pre-medical school and pre-professional program preparation through a self-designed, flexible curriculum and hands-on experience. You’ll also be equipped to enter the workforce in settings related to biology and biomedicine.

Whether you apply for medical or professional programs or enter the biomedical field after graduation, adding an accelerated MS in Biomedical Sciences expands the career opportunities opened by a BA or BS in Biology alone.

In just one extra year, develop skills ideal in preparation for advanced study leading to biomedical careers such as:

  • Biology Researcher
  • Biomedicine Researcher
  • Medical Doctor
  • Dentist
  • Physical Therapist
  • Physician Assistant
  • Forensic Scientist
  • Microbiologist
  • Veterinarian
  • Doctoral (PhD) Student

As students transition from the bachelor’s in biology content to the graduate program content, they can benefit from opportunities to participate in novel research initiatives or a graduate teaching assistantship as a final capstone experience.


Master’s in Biomedical Sciences Salary
Master’s-level credentials can elevate entry-level salary ranges in the biomedical sciences as well as open opportunities for advancement to roles with higher salaries.

Additionally, graduating with an accelerated biomedical science master’s degree allows you to confidently bring your experience to a PhD program in pursuit of careers in higher education, medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, and biomedical research.

Explore median annual salary data for positions you may pursue provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS):

Graduating with two degrees instead of one in five years offers exceptional preparation for any further education or training you may need and allows you to enter the job market with high-value skills in biomedical research and more.

Pre-Health Program
Students in the accelerated biomedical sciences dual degree program track may take advantage of Manhattanville’s Pre-Health program for professional development and career preparation.

If you’re interested in accelerated pre-medical, pre-dental, or pre-physician assistant training, the Pre-Health program offers one-on-one advising to ensure you take the right classes ahead of further graduate and professional school applications and helps you practice for exams and interviews.

Learn about the Pre-Health program at Manhattanville.


Minors and Related Programs
With the help of your advisor, you may add a minor to your BA or BS in Biology to deepen your understanding of an area you are interested in pursuing professionally. Some complementary minors available at Manhattanville include:

  • Minor in Environmental Studies
  • Minor in Computer Science
  • Minor in Nutrition

Manhattanville offers other accelerated dual degree programs that leads to an MS in Biomedical Sciences: 

Admission Process for Combined Bachelor's and Master's Program
Whether you’re already a Manhattanville biology major or you’re a first-time college student, our admissions counselors and academic counselors will help you apply to the accelerated dual degree program in biology and biomedical sciences. Before applying:

  • Enroll in the undergraduate BA or BS in Biology degree program at the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS)
  • Complete prerequisite courses (BIO1001, BIO1002, CHM1001-1004) and earn a GPA higher than 3.0, demonstrating a strong biological science foundation
  • Earn a recommendation from at least one faculty member attesting to your preparedness for graduate coursework

After acceptance into the accelerated biomedical science program, you’ll take upper-level (5000) biology and chemistry courses in anatomy and physiology, biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, molecular biology, and genetics for dual degree credit in preparation for your fifth and final year. Prospective students: Explore Manhattanville’s undergraduate admissions information and request more information to get started.

Current Manhattanville students in the SAS should contact the Division Chair Dr. Christopher Pappas at 914.323.1276 or


Accelerated Program Financial Aid
Students in the accelerated biology and biomedical science degree program save money by earning dual degree credit, using undergraduate financial aid packages to cover a portion of the cost of graduate school. Review Manhattanville’s financial aid and scholarship information for undergraduate and graduate programs.


Apply to the Accelerated BA/BS in Biology + MS in Biomedical Sciences
Manhattanville University’s accelerated BA/BS in Biology + MS in Biomedical Sciences dual degree program provides excellent scientific research experience and pre-medical school preparation.

In just five years, graduate with both a bachelor’s degree in biology and a master’s degree in biomedical sciences, ready to apply your skills and hands-on experience in an exciting biomedical career.



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