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Course Registration

Registration generally begins in November for Spring semesters and in April for Fall semesters. Please see the Registration Schedule below and check our Academic Calendars for important semester dates and deadlines.

The Course Catalog in Student Planning is available for planning future classes at any time. Term schedules are typically available the Friday before the Undergraduate Advising Period begins. Students may not register before their assigned day and time, but may register at any point afterward. Get advised, finalize your schedule, and register as soon as your appointment begins! You then increase your chances of getting the schedule you need.

All registration is conducted online in ServiceHub/Student Planning. Detailed instructions and frequently asked questions about Student Planning and the registration process may be found under the FAQ section below.

The first week of online registration is staggered by appointments for current undergraduate students. Notifications are sent to each student's Mville email account with their specific registration start date and time.

Undergraduate Registration Schedule
Earned Credits Registration Day Start Time
90+ Monday By Appointment
60+ Tuesday By Appointment
30+ Wednesday By Appointment
0+ Thursday By Appointment

Note: Earned credit total does not include courses in progress or currently enrolled credits.

Open Registration begins the following Monday for graduate and doctoral students, as well as new transfer students and non-matriculated undergraduate students.

Please use the following links for detailed information on tuition and fee information:

Prospective Students

Non-Manhattanville students may use ServiceHub to view the schedule of courses. A number of filters are available to help find courses that meet your needs. Conduct an Advanced Search to view by days of the week, academic level, course type, and more.

Registration Forms

All registration forms may be found in the Registrar's Office Forms Library, including:

  • Add/Drop and Approval Forms
  • Course Withdrawal Forms
  • Credit Overload Form
  • Independent Study and Senior Evaluation Forms
  • Purchase College Cross-Registration Form
  • Registration Forms

Repeating Courses for Undergraduates

Undergraduate students may repeat up to five courses during their degree program career to take advantage of the University's Undergraduate Grade Replacement Policy. Repeat courses at the 1000, 2000, and 3000 level cannot be registered online in Student Planning. Students wishing to repeat a course must obtain permission from their advisor and submit an approved add/drop form to the Registrar's Office. Details of the Undergraduate Grade Replacement Policy may be found in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Undergraduate General Education Requirements

The General Education curriculum is required for all undergraduate students. Click here to visit the General Education web page.


Students are given the opportunity to change their course schedule during the Add/Drop period, which lasts for approximately one week at the beginning of each semester. Please check the Academic Calendar for the Add/Drop deadline for each semester. Changes made during this period are not reflected on the student's permanent academic record. Most students can add and drop online through ServiceHub/Student Planning.

Full time undergraduates are required to carry a minimum 12-credit course load by the end of the Add/Drop period. Failure to do so may jeopardize eligibility for benefits available to full-time students (e.g. financial aid, scholarships, health coverage, etc.) and will violate campus housing occupancy policies.

Withdrawal from Classes

Students have the option to withdraw from courses until the withdrawal deadline for each term, as published in the Academic Calendar. Course withdrawals will be documented permanently on a student's transcript, notated by a grade of "W." A W grade is non-punitive and does not affect the student's GPA. All students must also investigate the impact that course withdrawals may have on their financial aid eligibility.

Withdrawals cannot be submitted online via Student Planning. Please download the appropriate form from the Registrar's Office Forms Library.

Note: If withdrawals are processed after a semester's tuition refund schedule has passed, students are responsible for all tuition charges and fees. Students may submit a Bursar Tuition Appeal to the Student Accounts Office for consideration of special circumstances connected to their withdrawal. Visit the Bursar Tuition Appeals Committee page for more information.

Decision Not to Attend / Drop All Classes Before a Term Begins

Students who decide not to attend classes for which they are registered are not automatically dropped from their classes. Students must follow the procedures below to completely drop a registration or withdraw from the University. Students are fully responsible for all tuition charges and fees for courses that remain on their registration schedule.

Undergraduate Students: Student Planning will prevent an undergraduate student from dropping the last course section from their schedule. If you will not be attending Manhattanville University, please contact the Office of Academic Advisement at 914-323-5353 or An Academic Advisor will formalize withdrawal plans with you. Once the procedure is completed, the Registrar's Office will remove all courses from your registration.

Graduate and Doctoral Students: Student Planning allows graduate and doctoral students to remove every course from their schedule and empty their registration until the end of the Add/Drop period. If you will not be attending Manhattanville University, you may drop all of your courses and contact your advisor or appropriate program office to alert them of your intention not to attend.

Auditing Classes

Auditors are permitted to register for classes after each term's Add/Drop period concludes, on a space-available basis only. Please refer to the online Academic Calendar or posted notices to obtain the exact dates per semester. Students may use ServiceHub to view available courses. A number of filters are available to view our course schedules.

All payments are due at time of registration. The auditing fee can be found here. Auditors also pay the customary registration fee.

Auditors may register for lecture-style courses (i.e. English, history, philosophy). Auditors may not register for courses that require lab or class participation (i.e. art, dance, world languages).

Manhattanville Undergraduates Taking Courses at Purchase College

Manhattanville University undergraduates may cross-register for classes at SUNY Purchase College, located at 735 Anderson Hill Road, as part of a tuition-free exchange. This option is available to full-time matriculated undergraduate students currently registered for at least 12 credits at Manhattanville. Cross-registration is meant to make courses available to students that are not taught at Manhattanville University. Manhattanville students may register for only one Purchase College course per semester (except for science courses which require a corequisite lab section) and a total of six courses throughout their university career.

Written approval from your advisor and the Manhattanville Registrar's Office must be presented to the Purchase Registrar's Office to cross-register. Students may visit the Purchase College website to review their course schedules and confirm cross-registration dates. The cross-registration form is available from the Registrar's Office Forms Library.

After completing your registration at Purchase, you must submit a confirmation of your registration to the Manhattanville Registrar's Office. Manhattanville students that drive to Purchase College and park must obtain a Purchase campus parking tag at additional cost.

NOTE: Students dropping or withdrawing from a course at Purchase must drop/withdraw with both the Purchase Registrar's Office (Student Services Building, 1st Floor) and the Manhattanville Registrar's Office (Reid Castle, 3rd Floor). Students that withdraw completely from Manhattanville must also withdraw from Purchase College.

Upon completion of your course work at Purchase, an official transcript will be forwarded on your behalf from the Purchase Registrar's Office to the Manhattanville Registrar's Office. You do not need to request or pay for a transcript! Unlike regular transfer credits, the course titles and grades for your Purchase work will appear on your Manhattanville transcript and will be reflected in your grade point average (GPA).

Summer and Winter courses and continuing education courses offered at Purchase are not available for cross registration. Students may elect to take these courses on their own and pay the appropriate tuition and fees. Courses taken at Purchase during Summer and Winter sessions may, with pre-approval, be accepted as transfer credit, but will not be calculated into a Manhattanville GPA. Please visit the Registrar's Office Transfer Credit web page for information on transfer credit pre-approval for coursework from other institutions.

Purchase College Undergraduates Taking Courses at Manhattanville

Manhattanville University welcomes visiting students from our neighbor, Purchase College! To begin, visit Manhattanville's online Schedule of Classes using our ServiceHub portal. Here you may view course schedules and descriptions.

Visit the Purchase Registrar's Office (Student Services Building, 1st Floor) and obtain a cross-registration form. After completing the form, submit it to the Manhattanville Registrar's Office (Reid Castle, 3rd Floor). Your registration will be processed and a student record will be created for you in the Manhattanville student information system. Watch for a "Welcome" email at your personal email address that provides you with instructions to setup your access to our ServiceHub, Blackboard, and Manhattanville email.

Upon completion of your course work at Manhattanville, an official transcript will be forwarded on your behalf from the Manhattanville Registrar's Office to the Purchase Registrar's Office. You do not need to request or pay for a transcript!

Per the Purchase College Catalog, there are some Manhattanville courses that are generally not available to Purchase students through cross-registration:

  • Business
  • Certification Courses
  • Computer Science
  • Education
  • Independent Study
  • Studio Art
  • any course that is offered at Purchase

Manhattanville University provides all students with a secure online self-service portal called ServiceHub. ServiceHub is the online location where students may perform the following functions and more:

  • View course schedules and classroom locations
  • Register for courses (check academic calendars for specific dates and deadlines)
  • View final grades at the end of a term
  • View an unofficial transcript and course history
  • View the status of accepted transfer credits, Manhattanville placement exam scores, and the recording of external testing results (TOEFL, CLEP, etc.)
  • Use the degree audit in Student Planning to monitor progress toward fulfilling major, minor, general education, and liberal arts degree requirements
  • Check tuition status, balances, and submit payments
  • Inspect and update academic and demographic profile (name, address, phone number, academic status)
  • View and update FERPA Proxy

All students attending classes at Manhattanville University are required to set up access to ServiceHub. ServiceHub access may be established using the Self-Service Password Utility once the student receives a Welcome email or letter indicating that their account is ready to be activated.

What is Student Planning?

Student Planning is an online resource that allows students and advisors to review, plan, and track academic progress at Manhattanville University. Student Planning will allow you to search and register for courses.

What is My Progress?

The My Progress tab is similar to a Degree Audit and includes courses that you plan to take in future semesters. It also lists all areas of your major where you should take action to plan/register.

What do the course status colors mean?

Not Started Red Requirement or course is not planned, registered, or completed.
Planned Yellow The requirement or course is planned but not yet registered.
In Progress Light Green You are registered for the course.
Completed Dark Green The requirement or course has been completed and graded.

How do I plan a course?

From the My Progress tab: Click on the magnifying glass to search within a specific requirement, or enter a course in the search box at the top right of the screen.

From the My Progress tab: Click on a specific course. Once you locate a course, click "Add Course to Plan."

From the Course Catalog: Search by course, subject, or by your target General Education Requirement. Once you locate a course, click "Add Course to Plan."

How do I view my planned courses?

The Schedule Tab is a weekly-calendar view of your planned/registered courses. The Timeline Tab allows you to see which courses you’ve taken/registered for/planned across multiple semesters.

How do I move a planned course from one semester to another?

Click the course title. Select an alternate term in the pop-up window. Click Update Course.

How do I remove a planned course?

Click the X in the right-hand corner of the course box.

What if I want to change my major?

To view how your completed/registered/planned courses would map onto a different major, navigate to the My Progress tab, and click "View a New Program."

Note: "View a New Program" does not change your major. Consult with your advisor for more information.

How do I register for courses?

In the calendar view (see "How do I view my planned courses?"), you can register for all your planned courses by clicking the Register button on the upper-right of the screen. You can register for individual courses on the left-hand side of the screen.

How do I send notes to my advisor?

Navigate to the Plan and Schedule tab. Click on the Advising tab. Under the "Compose a Note" box, type your note. Click "Save Note."

Important: Notes are permanent and cannot be deleted. Before clicking "Save Note," make sure the note is what you intend to send.

How do I request a review of my degree plan from my advisor?

To request a review, navigate to the Advising tab of the Plan and Schedule section of student planning, and click "Request Review." Once you have planned out future semesters, you can request that your advisor approve your plan. You will still be able to register for courses regardless of whether your advisor approves your plan. Requests for approval, and results of that approval are permanent, and cannot be deleted. There is no "Confirm Request" option, clicking "Request Review" sends the request immediately.

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