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Student Account Refund Requests

Refunds for Excess Funds

Students may find that they have a negative balance, or credit, on their account due to an excess of funds from financial aid or other form of payment to the account. These credits can be refunded back through direct deposit or by check. Checks may be requested to be picked up at the Student Accounts office, or mailed to the address indicated on the refund request form. Direct deposit must first be set up on Touchnet at www.mville.edu/myaccount.

Please be advised: If a student requests to receive their refund by check and there is direct deposit set up on the account, the refund will be processed as a direct deposit. 

Excess funds from Parent PLUS Loans will be refunded back to the borrower if they have indicated to directly receive a refund of any credit resulting from the PLUS Loan. If the borrower elects instead for the student to receive the refund, the refund will be processed to the student. Borrowers may also authorize this by signing the bottom of the refund request form. 

Please note that if a credit is caused by an excess of financial aid, refunds cannot be issued until the aid is disbursed to the student's account. Please allow 7-10 business days for the refund to be processed and to receive the credit by check or direct deposit.

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Refund Policy for Official Withdrawal from Classes

The following refund schedule applies to all students who officially withdraw from classes. Refunds will be calculated as of the official withdrawal date. Tuition will be refunded in accordance with the schedule below. Room and board will be refunded on a pro-rated basis if the student is released from the housing contract by Residence Life. Fees are not refundable. Refunds will be offset by appropriate reduction in financial aid, scholarships and loans. Refunds of credit balances must be requested in writing.
Full-time undergraduate students must contact the Academic Advising office in order to formalize their withdrawal.
Students who withdraw or leave the University for disciplinary reasons are not entitled to a refund.

The withdrawal date is approved by either Academic Advising or the Registrar’s office, as appropriate.

Please note: If payment was made by cash or check, the refund will be made by check. Please allow two to three weeks for processing. If payment was made by credit card, the refund will be made to the credit card used to make the payment. Credit card refunds will be processed within seven to 10 business days.


Before first day of the semester....................... 100%

First two weeks of the semester......................... 80%

Third week of the semester................................... 60%

Fourth week of the semester................................ 40%

Fifth week of the semester.................................... 20%

Note: No refund after the fifth week of the semester 

Tuition Refund Schedule for Summer Sessions


Once the summer session begins, 100% will be refunded for the first two days of the semester, 80% of tuition will be refunded on the third day of the semester; 50% will be refunded for fourth day of the semester and 0% after the fourth day of the semester. Refunds of credit balances must be requested in writing.

Tuition Refund Schedule for Winter Sessions


Students are eligible for full refunds ONLY for drops made before the first day of the semester, 50% of tuition will be refunded until the close of business hours on the first day of the semester. No refunds after that date. Refunds of credit balances must be requested in writing.

Tuition Refund Schedule for School of Professional Studies Module Programs


  • 100% Refund - Before the first Saturday class meeting for that course.

  • 80% Refund - After attending the first Saturday (class must be dropped on the same date).

  • 60% Refund - The class must be dropped by the Monday following the first weekend meeting for the course.  

  • 40% Refund - The class must be dropped by the Friday before the second weekend meeting for the course.

  • No refund after the second weekend meeting for the course.

Financial Aid Repayment Policy


Students receiving financial aid from the university who withdraw from classes will have their aid reevaluated, possibly necessitating their repayment of a portion of the financial aid received. The necessity to repay financial aid depends upon the type of aid received, applicable government regulations, and the period of time in attendance. Attendance for a partial semester will generally count as one of the eight semesters of financial aid eligibility normally allowed to a student.


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