Physical Education Accelerated Program

Physical Education Accelerated Program Overview

This accelerated program offers a pathway to physical education (PE) teaching certification for interested undergraduate students at Manhattanville University.

Designed for students in bachelor’s programs who are interested in completing an  (MAT) in Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy, the accelerated program allows students to begin taking graduate-level courses in their final undergraduate year and get a head start on prerequisite courses needed for New York State Teacher Certification.

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Manhattanville’s graduate program is the ideal choice for undergraduate students, and our accelerated program gets you closer to your career in physical education, health, or coaching, faster.

Students in the accelerated pathway can complete the remaining requirements for the master’s program in as little as two years, becoming eligible for state certification in physical education grades K-12.

Located in an area rich with career opportunities in teaching physical education, Manhattanville offers undergraduates the opportunity to benefit from the guidance and expertise of Manhattanvlile’s teacher education programs while completing their bachelor’s degree. 

Requirements for the accelerated program are limited to one or more graduate-level courses, undertaken after admission to the program. Courses cover both educational topics and studies in physical movement and athletics.

In the accelerated program leading to a MAT in Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy, along with New York State teacher certification, students earning a bachelor’s in their major may take the following required prerequisite courses:

  • Child Development & Learning
  • Applied Exercise Physiology for P.E. and Sport Performance
  • Applied Kinesiology
  • Motor Development and Learning
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Foundations of Education

Undergraduates take graduate physical education courses by replacing free electives. While any major may apply to the accelerated physical education program, students in a sports or education-related major may be more well-prepared.

Review degree requirements and more information.

  • Bachelor’s Program Years One–Three: Take undergraduate courses in chosen major, including liberal arts and degree-specific requirements.
  • Bachelor’s Program Year Four: Apply to begin taking graduate courses. Receive admissions decision and begin taking prerequisites and courses for graduate credit.
  • Finish Master’s Program: Flexibly complete the master’s degree program full- or part-time.

The academic advising team collaborates closely with students to ensure a smooth transition after completing their bachelor's degree. They assist in identifying the quickest pathway to fulfill the requirements for both the bachelor's and master's programs, as well as teacher certification.


There are several bachelor's degree program options to combine with accelerated phyiscal education pathway, but the BA in Sport Studies degree program is a very popular option for students because their ability to tailor their education toward specific career aspirations. Through additional degree concentrations and advanced program pathways such as our Accelerated Program in Physical Education, students can begin graduate studies within the sport studies major or prepare to apply for additional master’s degree programs after graduation and pursue advanced careers in the field.

No matter your background, specific career aspirations, or Manhattanville undergraduate major, getting a head start on earning initial teacher certification to teach PE in elementary, middle, and high school in New York saves your wallet and time while immersing you in the foundations of the field.

Manhattanville’s MAT in Physical Education and Sports Pedagogy is a launching pad for a range of fulfilling careers in helping students and athletes use physical movement to improve their lives.

Get closer to leadership and decision-making positions in educational institutions, making an impact in the physical education classroom and contributing to the betterment of physical education curriculum and practice with an accelerated pathway to roles in teacher leadership, administration, and more.

Manhattanville students should apply to the accelerated program leading to the MAT and teacher certification by October 1st of their senior year. Contact your undergraduate advisor to move forward with your application.

Because the master’s program requirements include liberal arts requirements, it’s advisable for students to meet those as undergraduates as closely as possible.

For assistance, reach out to undergraduate advising.

Costs and Aid

Because the graduate physical education courses students take while in the bachelor’s program replace elective courses and aren’t additional credits, there is no additional cost to undertake the accelerated pathway to PE teacher certification.

Contact the Office of Financial Aid for information on tuition and costs.


Apply to the Accelerated Physical Education Program

Are you ready to accelerate your path to state certification and earn a master's degree in teaching physical education for all grade levels at an accelerated pace?

Current undergraduates interested in beginning graduate coursework: Contact undergraduate advising today to get started.