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Physical Education and Sports Pedagogy

Physical Education and Sports Pedagogy Program Overview

Manhattanville University’s Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) in Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy degree program offers a pathway to meeting New York State PE teacher certification requirements and pursuing teaching and coaching careers in a convenient weeknight evening format.

With a curriculum including lectures and field assignments designed in alignment with the New York State Learning Standards in Schools and the National Standards for Physical Education, the MAT in Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy program instills an understanding of the theories, teaching practices, and curriculum development process for increased physical activity in educational and sports settings.

Our program offers the convenience of weeknight evening classes and does not require a thesis. Moreover, students regularly engage in thought-provoking classroom discussions to explore theoretical concepts, followed by valuable peer-teaching demonstrations.

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Part-Time and Full-Time Options

Our MAT in Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy program is designed to be flexible and convenient for busy individuals. Classes primarily meet on Monday and Tuesday nights after 4 p.m., accommodating various schedules. You don't need an undergraduate degree in physical education to join the program, making it accessible to a wider range of students.

On average, it takes about two years to complete the master's program, but you have up to five years to finish. If you take two or more classes per semester, you may be eligible for financial aid or an assistantship. We prioritize your success and provide a supportive environment to help you excel in physical education and coaching careers.

No matter where you are on your journey to becoming a physical education teacher, Manhattanville offers a pathway to meeting New York State PE teacher certification requirements.

Feel confident and prepared to take comprehensive exams and meet all educational and experiential requirements through a partnership with your professors and advisors.

See program and certification requirements.


Our Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) in Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy program includes 39 credits, providing students with the essential knowledge and skills for a successful career in the field.

Key program components include:

  • Certain course sequence to complete select prerequisite requirements within the first 18 credits
  • Courses covering sports and athletic principles, teaching practices in physical education, instructional planning, advanced conditioning concepts, and educational foundations
  • Student teaching semester
  • Comprehensive exam capstone experience

Upon graduation, our alumni are highly regarded for their dedication to curriculum development, implementation, and assessment. Many of them hold leadership roles in schools, while others actively contribute to local conferences as presenters, participants, and leaders in professional associations.


Hands-On Experiences

Our program provides students with valuable hands-on experiences through:

  • Active participation in practical exercises and demonstrations in the Kennedy gymnasium and three multipurpose areas
  • Utilization of facilities such as a large gymnasium, three smaller teaching gymnasiums, modern weight room facilities, and a dance gymnasium to showcase the practical application of theory in teaching practice
  • Additional seminars, workshops, and training sessions covering educational concepts, first aid, CPR, and more

These hands-on experiences ensure that our students gain practical skills, firsthand knowledge, and a deep understanding of the field of physical education and sports pedagogy.


Complete Student Teaching at Local Schools 

As part of our MAT in Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy degree program, students have the opportunity to engage in comprehensive student teaching, gaining valuable experience in real-world educational settings. Alongside this immersive experience, we actively collaborate with local schools, fostering strong connections and offering additional opportunities for our students.

Through our close relationships with schools in Westchester, New York City, and neighboring boroughs, students benefit from a range of engaging activities and events, including:

  • Participation in the Adventure Education Program located in the Port Chester School District
  • Volunteering to assist in organizing large-scale cooperative movement experiences and field day events at local elementary schools
  • Teacher meetings and trainings introducing students to new teaching standards, content, or assessment techniques, involving teachers and school administrators
  • Participation with Manhattanville’s Athletic Department, a valuable way to gain experience and knowledge about collegiate-level athletics

Through student teaching and active engagement with local schools, our program ensures that graduates develop practical skills, build professional networks, and deepen their understanding of physical education and sport pedagogy in real-world contexts. These opportunities provide a solid foundation for success in their teaching careers.


Career Preparation and Placement

Our comprehensive resources enhance the employment prospects of our Master of Art in Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy graduates. With a strong emphasis on career preparation and job placement, we are proud to see our graduates thriving in various professional settings.

Graduates of master's programs in physical education and sports have pursued rewarding careers in a wide range of educational and sports environments, including:

  • Public, private, independent, charter, and parochial schools
  • College and university athletic departments
  • Community and recreational centers
  • Professional sports organizations
  • Nonprofit organizations focused on promoting physical activity and wellness

Our alumni have demonstrated their dedication to curriculum development, implementation, and assessment, with a significant number assuming leadership roles in their schools. You can also find our alumni actively participating in professional associations, presenting at local conferences, and making valuable contributions to the field.

With our program's emphasis on hands-on experiences, practical application, and rigorous coursework, our graduates are well-equipped to positively impact their careers and contribute to the field of physical education and sports pedagogy.


Network with Local and National Professional Organizations

The MAT in Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy degree program actively engages candidates with local physical educators and school administrators through various initiatives:

Manhattanville’s well-connected faculty and staff provide field assignment placements for teaching assignments, curriculum projects, and engagement with students and parents in local preschools and Westchester County schools.

Matthew Baumoel, Ed.D. (Full-time)

Rhonda Clements, Ed.D. (Adjunct)

What career services and resources are available that ensure placement after graduation?

The MAT in Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy program is committed to assisting students in securing employment immediately upon completion. To achieve this, we provide the following resources and support:

  • Access to the MPE virtual job board, Digital Classroom, and alumni virtual space for current students and alumni, offering resources and employment opportunities
  • Mock interviews and teaching seminars conducted by volunteer school administrators and relevant specialized job announcements shared by MAT faculty
  • Personalized resume assessments by the Program Director and faculty, with sample resumes, an internal job board, support materials for the program are all available on the MPE Digital Classroom
  • Guidance on effective online job search methods, along with a curated list of state and national websites for new teachers
  • Manhattanville University's Placement Center, which works closely with our graduate programs to distribute current employment opportunities and give regular updates on coaching and teaching positions in the surrounding communities
  • The Career Center actively monitors job fairs each semester to connect students with potential employers


Is the master’s in physical education program for me if my undergraduate degree is in a different field?

You will fit right in! The majority of our master’s program students have undergraduate degrees in Elementary and Secondary Education, Business and Marketing, Journalism and Communication, Sociology and Psychology, Criminal Justice, Exercise and Athletic Training, and the Health and Medical fields.

For students with an undergraduate degree in a field other than physical education, some prerequisite coursework may need to be completed in addition to the minimum requirements.


What prerequisites will I need to take?

The amount and type of prerequisites needed to enter the MAT in Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy depends on the applicant’s previous coursework. An accurate number of courses are obtained by meeting with the Program Director and having the candidate’s undergraduate transcripts reviewed by the Graduate Advisement Office.

Program prerequisites (or their equivalents) for certification and the graduate program include:

  • Foundations of Education
  • Child or Adolescent Development
  • Motor Development and Learning
  • Nutrition or MPE 5546 Sports Nutrition
  • Two of the following: Human Anatomy, Physiology or Kinesiology (MPE 5542 – Applied Kinesiology, MPE 5545 – Applied Ex. Physio.)


How long is the application process?

You will first need to submit and complete a Graduate Application. You will be required to submit all transcripts, a resume, and a personal statement. The transcripts submitted will be reviewed to identify the number of co-requisite credits needed for successful completion of the MAT degree and New York State teacher certification. This evaluation will be sent to you if accepted to the program. 

Upon successful admission, you’ll be able to meet with the Program Director again to schedule classes for Fall, Spring, or Summer to begin completing any undergraduate and graduate-level course requirements.


I’m ready to begin my coaching career! How long does it take to complete the master’s in physical education?

On average, students complete the program in two and a half years, with a maximum time frame of five years.

The program completion time varies based on three factors: the number of co-requisite courses required, the choice between part-time (two classes per semester) or full-time (up to four classes per semester) enrollment, and the availability of classes in Fall, Spring, and Summer.


Can the master’s in physical education and sport pedagogy help me become a coach or an athletic director?

Yes! Graduating with an MAT in Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy will empower your ability to find employment as a coach. If you’re interested in becoming an Athletic Director in an educational setting, Manhattanville University has a terrific Department of Education Leadership degree program. We are happy to assist your efforts in continuing to receive your School District Leader certification.

To apply for the Master of Arts in Teaching in Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy program, please follow these steps:

By following these steps, you can begin your journey toward joining our master’s in Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy program. Our admissions team is here to support and guide you through the process, so feel free to reach out.


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