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Education Entrepreneurship

Education Entrepreneurship Program Overview

*This program is taught in a hybrid format

Manhattanville University’s Master of Education (MEd) in Education Entrepreneurship degree program develops innovators of learning who gain conceptual and practical skills to launch education startups, businesses, or initiatives. Created for professionals who want to bring their ideas to life, this pioneering program provides an advanced understanding of pedagogy alongside the managerial skills  tools needed to launch their education startups.

The 30-credit program combines education courses, business courses, and electives. Students can opt for full-time or part-time study, completing credits in two to three years at their own pace. Hybrid courses make it easy to maintain a work-life balance while fulfilling the degree requirements. 

By focusing on business and entrepreneurship for teachers, former teachers, and others interested in positively impacting educational experiences, the MEd in Education Entrepreneurship program taps into the insights and creativity of professionals who understand the challenges in education. At Manhattanville University, explore groundbreaking solutions that improve the learning experience for students of all ages.

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Helping students thrive is a multipronged approach that goes far beyond a traditional classroom setting. Many professionals want to invest their talents into finding and creating new tools, resources, and learning environments for the next generation of learners. The goal of the master’s in education entrepreneurship program is to empower professionals who dream of opening their education-related ventures or who work in education-related ventures with business acumen and pedagogical know-how. 

Our program provides a solid foundation for becoming an entrepreneur in education, whether it’s founding a tutoring center, designing curriculums for homeschoolers, advocating for local policy changes, or building a reading app.

Education entrepreneurship course requirements span education, business, and electives tailored to your specific goals. The core courses cover topics in education foundations, entrepreneurship, human development, ethics, diversity in education settings, marketing, finance, and analytical tools. With the guidance of an advisor, you can choose courses from a series of electives that best fit your entrepreneurial plans.

Coursework is project-based and hands-on. Create business plans, design curricula, brainstorm marketing strategies, collaborate on media plans, and complete other tasks that mirror the experiences of entrepreneurs in the real world. You’ll also complete an on-site teaching internship where you apply your newfound skills in the real world and gain invaluable insight into student learning.

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Careers With a Master’s Degree in Education Entrepreneurship

The MEd program opens the doors to unique education entrepreneurship careers. The program’s flexibility allows students to direct their talents in virtually any path of their choosing. Rigorous coursework, tailored electives, and quality research experiences prepare graduates to start their businesses or transform their existing organizations. Though some opt to return to the classroom, the purpose of the degree program is to help students chart a career outside of teaching.

A sample list of industries where students launch careers with an MEd in Education Entrepreneurship includes:

  • Advocacy
  • Consulting
  • Curriculum Design
  • Day Care Centers
  • Education Startups
  • Educational Technology Research and Design
  • Learning Centers
  • Microschools
  • Non-Profits
  • Online and Web-Based Education
  • Policy Centers
  • Publishing
  • Tutoring Centers


Career Services and Support

Manhattanville University is only a train ride away from one of the world’s entrepreneurial and education hubs — New York City. Throughout our history, we have established strong ties with leaders, changemakers, and innovators in the field that facilitate connections between our students and the education industry. Expert faculty bring their decades of industry experience into the classroom and tap into their extensive network to help students succeed.

Students also turn to the Center for Career Development (CCD) for assistance in becoming entrepreneurs in education. The CCD organizes workshops, industry panels, networking events, and job fairs during the year. They also offer one-on-one appointments to help students with resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, interview preparation, and more.

What is entrepreneurship in education?

Education entrepreneurship is understood as a business, program, or initiative that aims to create a new solution, service, or product that improves the learning experience or educational system. Launching an app that helps middle schoolers understand algebra, designing and selling curriculum plans for homeschoolers, or establishing a bilingual book publisher for young readers are all concrete examples of education-related entrepreneurial ventures.


How long is the education entrepreneurship graduate program?

The education entrepreneurship program takes two years to complete as a full-time student and three years if you choose part-time study.


Does the MEd in Education Entrepreneurship include an internship or real-world experience?

The master’s in education entrepreneurship requires a teaching internship in an educational setting. Even if teaching is not your goal, we have noticed that it provides valuable background experience for starting an education-centered business. Teaching yields insights into the daily challenges that instructors and students face and sparks ideas for possible solutions.


With over 45 graduate programs, the School of Education offers rigorous, flexible graduate programs for education professionals of all stripes. Students in education entrepreneurship leverage Manhattanville’s specializations in diversity, literacy, leadership, physical education, tech education, and healthcare education to launch businesses in those in-demand areas. Candidates interested in teacher or leadership certification can also find programs that streamline the process.

Find the right program for your professional goals:

The first step to starting a business in education and related industries is applying to the innovative master’s degree program. You do not need a bachelor’s degree in education to apply. We accept students from all fields of study into the program.

Rolling admissions means there is no strict application deadline — applications are reviewed as they are submitted. Our priority suggested deadlines for the Fall and Spring semesters are about a month before the respective start dates. If you want to begin your studies in a specific semester, you should submit your materials by then. The Fall priority deadline is August 1st.

To apply, please submit the following:

  • Online graduate application
  • Transcripts and undergraduate GPA of a 3.0 or higher
  • Updated resume
  • Personal statement of two double-spaced pages
  • $75 application fee
  • Recommendation letters (optional for some programs) 

If you are interested in an accelerated pathway to teacher certification, Jump Start might be the right fit for your goals. In under two years, program graduates earn a master’s degree in education and Initial Teacher Certification.

For more information, visit graduate education program admissions. If you have any questions along the way, contact graduate admissions.


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The Master of Education in Education Entrepreneurship degree program is the ideal launching pad for your innovative education business. Manhattanville University offers small class sizes where you receive individual guidance, specialized opportunities in in-demand areas like education and tech, and proximity to unparalleled opportunities in New York City.

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