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Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone has questions and we have answers. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions below.

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Health Services Questions

Appointments are required. Please email us at or call us at (914) 323-5245 and we will have a nurse speak with you about what you are experiencing, and then will work to get you seen by one of our health providers as quickly as possible

Health Forms

Please contact us at 914.323.7277 or email for an explanation of our forms or if you have questions about how to complete a form.

We don’t have a pharmacy on campus, but there are many local pharmacies that you may use to fill prescriptions. Please click on the link for a list of area pharmacies. 

Area Pharmacy List

There is no cost for services at SHAC Health; however, if we need to send samples out to the lab and for certain birth control (i.e., birth control pill and plan B) there is a charge. Please visit our SHAC Health Services page for more information.

No, it is not necessary, but it is good practice to have one once a year.

Health Services will not provide students with medical excuses for absences from class or missed deadlines due to short-term illness or injury. This policy is consistent with recommendations from the American university Health Association, as well as the policies of other peer institutions. In the event of illness or injury that may disrupt academic responsibilities, the student is advised to contact their instructors as soon as possible to notify them of the situation.

In a situation wherein a student will be out for a period of time due to a medical issue; please provide documentation from a health professional to the student health portal and SHAC will notify your professors.  Do not provide medical documentation to your professor. 

If a student is experiencing an illness or injury that requires a prolonged period of absence from classes, please submit a doctor’s note to our office and we can raise a retention alert to notify your faculty that you have an excused absence.  The doctor’s note must come from a doctor/specialist/hospital and provide details about the illness/injury, as well as an estimate of the time required for recovery.

Medical Leaves of Absence (MLOA) are processed through our office, so, if a student is experiencing a medical issue that prevents them from completing the semester, please speak with the Associate Dean of Student Health and Counseling for assistance with the MLOA process.

Yes, we cannot share any information without your written permission, unless it is a matter of safety (risk to self or others).

You should go to Campus Safety; they are on duty 24/7 and will assist you with getting the care you need. 

Off Campus Resources

Yes, you can purchase Plan B at the Health Center with an appointment. The cost is $20.
Yes, condoms, dental dams, and female condoms are available and free of charge.
No, our providers are not able to administer allergy shots.


Counseling Services Questions


Counseling Services is staffed by culturally competent mental health professionals, all of whom have experience working with the university-age population. 


You can call Counseling Services at 914.323.5155 or email to set up an appointment, or simply stop by our office on the ground floor of Spellman G11. In the event of an after-hours emergency, please contact your resident advisor (RA), community coordinator (CC), or campus safety at 914.323.5244. 
Services at SHAC Counseling are free to all full-time undergraduate and residential graduate students of Manhattanville University. 
SHAC Counseling maintains a brief therapy model. The length of counseling depends on the needs of the student. Some students need only a few sessions to meet their particular needs. Your counselor will help you decide what length of time is right for you. If a student requires long-term counseling or their issues are beyond the scope of the Counseling Services, a referral to an off campus mental health provider will likely become necessary. If this is the case, the Counseling Services will work with the student on locating and transitioning to an outside provider. 
What you discuss with your counselor at the Counseling Services is confidential. We cannot share  information with other parties without your  informed consent. The only exception to this is in situations where your safety -or the safety of someone else is at risk. In such situations, our first priority must be to ensure safety. 
Yes. We have a psychiatrist on staff who can prescribe medications for a range of emotional or psychiatric issues, if necessary. Please be advised that only students in treatment with one of the SHAC Counselors have access to our PT Psychiatrist. 
If you are concerned about a friend and are not sure about how to help them, we'd like to help you. Feel free to stop by and share your concerns with one of our counselors your conversation will be confidential. We can explore ways to talk with your friend about your concerns and will help you to refer them to Counseling Services. 
The focus of SHAC services is to provide students with the support they may need in order to be successful at the university. In some instances, students who seek support from SHAC may make a request for one of our providers to complete the application for medical housing, academic accommodations, or an Emotional Support Animal (ESA). The process of diagnosing a psychological disability in order to prescribe accommodations or an emotional support animal is a complex process, additionally, clear guidelines or standards regarding how to determine which individuals would benefit from an ESA do not exist. This practice is out of the scope of practice for a university health and counseling department, especially as we are not able to provide a full psychological assessment at SHAC. Thus, it would be unethical for SHAC providers to provide such recommendations. Because SHAC providers have to manage high demand for services and must be available to meet the mental health needs of our whole student body, our primary focus is to provide ongoing treatment and acute/crisis services.  We do not have the resources to provide psychological workups for the purposes of disability documentation and ESA prescriptions. Therefore, SHAC will not issue letters of support for medical housing accommodations, academic accommodations, or ESA’s. 

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