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Emergency Contact

All Manhattanville University students are required to provide contact information for a person(s) you would like the university to contact in the event of an emergency. Please make sure you have identified your emergency contact.

Injury/Illness Emergency Campus Safety at 914.323.7233

If you believe your illness/injury is an EMERGENCY and you are on campus, call Campus Safety. Campus Safety will assess the situation and call an Ambulance to evaluate and transport to the local emergency room if indicated. If you find yourself in an emergency while off campus, call 911. 

Your illness/injury may be URGENT (but not emergent) and need to be dealt with before SHAC opens.  In a case such as this, please go to a nearby urgent care.  Transportation for this type of visit is the responsibility of a student.  Students arrange transportation by private vehicle, Uber/Lyft, or taxi.  This form of transportation will most always be less costly than an ambulance. 

Some illnesses/injuries are not urgent/emergent and can wait until SHAC opens.  If you’re not sure whether your problem is urgent or if it can wait, call Campus Safety 914.323.7233 for assistance.

Find the Help You Need



Molly Meehan Staff Nurse


Phone: 914.323.5245


Hours: Monday-Thursday 9 AM-5 PM; Fridays 8:30 AM-4:30 PM

Summer - CLOSED



Campus safety vehicle


Phone: 914.323.SAFE (7233)

On Duty 24/7

Active Shooter on Campus

Response to Emergencies



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Allergic Reaction

If you have severe allergies that result in an anaphylactic reaction, please make sure to carry your epipen with you at all times. If you find yourself in a situation wherein you need to use your epipen, please notify Campus Safety 914. 323.7233 or Health Services at 914.323.5245 (during regular business hours). Emergency room evaluation and observation of patients who have used an epinephrine auto injector to treat an allergic food reaction at home is the standard of care.  At Manhattanville, a student who utilizes their epipen must be transported to the Emergency Room for evaluation and monitoring. Many students may also need more than one dose of epinephrine or other emergency treatments. 


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Mental Health Emergency

SHAC Counseling provides 24/7 access for urgent concerns/risk assessment during the academic year when classes are in session.

If you are concerned about a student:

  • Call SHAC Counseling Services during regular business hours Monday-Friday 9 AM-5 PM
  • For after hour emergencies please contact Campus Safety at 914. 323.7233 or Residence Life at 914.323.5217.

SHAC welcomes calls from any concerned individuals of the university community witnessing our students in apparent distress. SHAC values a proactive approach in maintaining a safe and healthy community

When a family member, faculty/staff, or friend contacts SHAC with concerns about a student, a SHAC clinician may offer recommendations as to how to speak with the student, and how to refer to SHAC. There are instances wherein SHAC staff may provide outreach to the student of concern.  There are instances wherein Campus Safety or Residence Life may do a wellness check on the student.

If it is reported that a student is engaging in behaviors that may be a risk for harm to self or others, SHAC will work with Campus Safety and/or Residence Life to conduct a risk assessment. 


Wellness Expo - Yoga


Phone: 914.323.5155


Hours: Monday-Friday 9 AM-5 PM

Summer – Open for students enrolled in summer courses only


Health Tabling Event


If you are the victim of a sexual assault or domestic/dating violence and need immediate assistance dial 911. Additional sexual assault or domestic/dating violence resources can be found on the Manhattanville Title IX webpage.   To report a sexual assault or domestic/dating violence incident you may use the reporting form or you can contact one of Manhattanville’s Title IX Coordinators.

Joseph Perez

Title IX Coordinator

Julene Caulfield

Associate Vice President of Athletics and Recreation
Deputy Title IX Coordinator


Download the RAVE Guardian App

The university uses the RaveAlert emergency notification system to notify students or parents registered with RaveAlert of emergencies on campus. The university highly recommends that students register with Rave Alert at Please safely store the username (Mville e-mail username) and password in a secure location for future reference.

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