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First in Family

First in Family | MVILLE FIRST is a college success program for first-generation students. It offers first-generation scholars' exclusive access to resources and opportunities to expand their academic success, career development, community engagement, and personal growth and development through a lens that centers first-generation experiences. 

It strives to serve, empower, and celebrate all first-generation identities. 


The Center for Inclusion defines each first-generation identity as:



  • First-Generation College Student: any student who is the first in their family to obtain a 4-year degree.


  • First-Generation American: any student born in or to hold a status as a resident of the United States.


  • First-Generation American College Student: any student born outside of the United States and is the first in their family to obtain a 4-year degree in the United States.
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Upcoming Events



Program Requirements and Workshop Information


Eligible students are those who identify with any of the following first-generation identities: 

  • First-Generation College Student 
  • First-Generation American 
  • First-Generation American College Student 
  • Attend a 4-day Bridge Program  
  • Tri-Weekly 1-1 meetings with mentor 
  • Attend 4 cohort tailored workshops per semester 
    • 2 whole group workshops 
    • 2 differentiated per cohort
  • Attend a multi-cultural program, event, or multiple meetings (hosted by the Center for Inclusion or any campus multi-cultural club) 
  • Have one-on-one meetings with the Mville First Success Coach
  • 3 hours per semester M-C programming 
  • 3 hours per semester in the Writing Center 




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