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Federal Perkins Loan Information

Exit Interview: 


Student borrowers under the Perkins Loan program who are about to graduate, transfer out, or leave for a semester or term must complete exit counseling.


Please note that official academic transcripts are not released until the exit counseling requirement is completed. The exit interview may be done online.


Please go to the website to complete your interview. When you go to the website, please click on "sign in or register" and set up a username and password.


Print out a copy for yourself. Once completed, please contact Student Accounts at (914) 323-5266 or by email at


Heartland ECSI is our billing service for the Perkins Loan and is available to assist you in accessing your account information or apply for deferment, forbearances. If you need any assistance with completing the exit counseling, please reach out to ECSI at 1(888)-549-3274 or Student Accounts at 914.323.5266.


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