Start Your First Year Off Right with New Student & Family Orientation 

Our orientation program has events, activities, and academic information sessions to acclimate you to the Manhattanville campus. You will have the opportunity to meet faculty, staff, and students, learn how to get involved on campus, and learn the tips to success.

We look forward to seeing you and welcoming you into the Manhattanville family! 



SAVE THE DATE (pick one):

Wednesday July 20th OR August 25th

June 29th date is full 

The new student checklist listed below is for students beginning their Valiant journey at Manhattanville in August of 2022.

We will have a Family Orientation session running on those days if your parents, guardians or other members want to join. 

It is recommended that all new Valiants check their Manhattanville e-mail regularly, as communications from the College will be sent there. 


Step 1: Complete your Course Preference Form & Orientation Sign Up

The first part of getting you started at Manhattanville is to complete Course Preference Form & Orientation Sign Up. The Course Preference Form allows for our Academic Advisors to help create your class schedule. You will also sign up for your on campus Orientation date through the form.


Step 2: Housing & Residential Life

If you are planning to live on campus you will need to submit your additional $200 housing deposit and complete your Housing Application. Completing the housing application is important to help us place you with a roommate that will compliment how you live. *If you want to room with a specific individual you with both need to name each other on your Housing Application  


Step 3: Student Health & Counseling & Health Forms

Submitting your required health forms is a critical step in starting at Manhattanville. You will need to follow the instructions to submit your immunization records and other health form documentation via the secure health form system Mville Complio. 


Step 4: Student Financial Services, FERPA Waiver & Insurance Waiver

Be sure to click on each link below. This will bring you to webpages that have forms to be completed regarding Student Financials and Billing, FERPA Waiver, and Health Insurance waivers (if you do not need college health insurance). You can also contact Student Financial Services to set up a meeting with a student account manager.