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The “Love Behind Leadership” Fund was established in 2015 to pay it forward to the Manhattanville University Doctoral Program. Rebranded as “EmpowerEdD Leadership” in 2024, this fund empowers doctoral students by supporting their research, providing support for travel to present, recognizing their doctoral achievements, and supporting their writing. An investment in this fund provides students with recognition for their scholarship, showcases the prestige of the program, and introduces the broader community to the incredible doctoral students and alumni.

Every donation creates an enduring tribute to a person in whose honor or memory the donation is made. This contribution endures through recognition of one’s donation that leaves a legacy of your generosity and support for the Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership.

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We invite you to consider honoring someone who has been the love behind your leadership maybe a peer, your cohort, dissertation chair or committee, staff member, or anyone – with a donation to the EmpowerEdD Leadership fund. 

Your celebratory message will not only be a tribute to the graduates, and honor someone special, but will also directly support our EmpowerEdD Leadership Fund.  All donations made in honor or memory of someone special will be recognized on the EmpowerEd Leadership Honoree website. 100% of the proceeds will go to the EmpowerEdD  Leadership Fund.   


“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”
- Maya Angelou  

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EmpowerEdD Leadership Funding Supported Scholarships and Events

Dr. Jennifer Wesolowski
2021 Inaugural Recipient: Jennifer Wesolowski
Established in 2020, the Ethel Kennedy Award for Human Rights Leadership honors Mrs. Kennedy by recognizing others’ shared passion for promoting human rights, particularly within the field of education.
Dr. Sagrario Reducino-O'Neille
2021 Inaugural Recipient: Sagrario Rudecindo-O’Neill

Established in 2020, the Judith Johnson Memorial Award recognizes a doctoral student whose work reflects Ms. Johnson’s legacy in social justice.

Reid Castle on snowy day
Scholars in Action: ​Empowering Your Potential to Make A Difference

Held on December 13, 2021, 5 – 7 pm​

With Special Guest​ Sara Kathleen Henry, Ph.D.​
Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Heartful Editor


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