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Music Business

Music Business Program Overview

Manhattanville University’s Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Music Business degree program is the perfect fit if you are passionate about music.

As a music business major, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the music industry from top to bottom. You’ll gain imperative skills for signing artists, label management, song licensing, marketing, tour management, and any music industry career you want to pursue.

Located near the vibrant New York City area, Manhattanville’s music business bachelor’s degree program prepares students practically and professionally for a variety of careers in this exciting industry. Whether you want to craft the repertoire of a record label, discover new sounds, or manage top talent, Manhattanville will position you to get to where you want to be.


Train for Exciting Careers in the Music Industry

Manhattanville’s music industry-focused major program is open to both musicians and non-musicians. You’ll learn about music theory and get the chance to hone any skills you have, but all music lovers will enjoy learning about the skills necessary to succeed in the music industry at any level.

Become a well-rounded professional with a comprehensive understanding of what keeps the music industry running. Learn valuable skills including:

  • Music organization operations, including record labels
  • Knowledge of legal aspects of the music industry, such as intellectual property and contracts
  • Proficiency in music-related software and technologies for production and distribution
  • Analytical and interpretive processes related to financial and market data
  • Networking and communication skills that establish professional relationships


Music business majors learn about the music industry up close and enhance their ability to communicate with multiple stakeholders, providing the foundations for a variety of business careers.

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Manhattanville’s music business curriculum takes your classroom learning to the next level through internships and practical experiences. Students who major in music business complete core coursework in the business, marketing, and artistic aspects of music and the entertainment industry as well as electives and general education courses.

Requirements for the BA in Music Business degree program include:

  • Three core music industry courses and major electives
  • Completion of the First Year Program and general education requirements
  • A total of 120 course credits for a Bachelor of Arts degree

Review complete degree requirements for the BA in Music Business.


Music Business Courses

Learn key music industry knowledge, including the history of the field, music theory, recording and production, marketing, copyright law, distribution, and artist relations. Whether you’re interested in concert promotion or contracting the next greatest band, gain insight from Manhattanville faculty members who are experienced professionals in the industry in career-focused courses.

You may take courses such as:

  • Intro to Music Business: An Overview
  • Music Publishing and Copyright Law
  • Recording, Broadcast, and Digital Music Industries
  • Contracts and Legal Issues for Music Business
  • Audio Production

A mix of training in the basics of music theory and advanced business and marketing topics allows students to enter the field as well-rounded employees with skills in written and verbal communication and management concepts.

Internship and Independent Project Opportunities

The BA in Music Business degree program offers students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through real-world internships and meaningful independent projects.
Just a train ride away from New York City, Manhattanville places music business majors at the doorstep of hundreds of music industry titans, including record labels, publishing companies, artist management firms, and concert venues. A seminar course and mentored Senior Project allow students to dive into personalized experiences and as a marketing plan or a concert event.

Prepare for Music Industry Career Pathways

The music business major program ensures students are equipped and ready to enter fields including:

  • Artists and Repertoire (A&R) coordination and management
  • Music licensing and placement
  • Music marketing
  • Concert promotion
  • Tour management
  • Music licensing
  • Traditional and digital music publishing

Earning a bachelor’s degree is the first step to pursuing specialized and advanced education in areas such as law, business, marketing, and more. Continuing your education with master’s degrees in areas such as international business, music business, or law can leverage your industry knowledge to pursue high-level employment opportunities in:

  • Copyright law
  • Executive business operations and management
  • Accounting and finance
  • Music production
  • Higher education

Whether you want to represent artists and labels as a lawyer, or spend time working hands-on producing live music experiences, the BA in Music Business degree program is a strong first step. In an industry where networking is just as important as formal education, the internship and other nearby opportunities help our students make valuable connections.

Music Industry Career Salaries

The experience and training of the bachelor’s degree program open opportunities to earn ample annual salaries and pursue career pathways beyond those you might expect. 

If you use our music industry program to pursue specialized graduate studies in music law, business, etc, pursue self-employment, or start your own business, your salary potential may grow.

Our interdisciplinary course offerings can tailor your educational experience to your career goals. If you’re interested in pursuing a minor or second major, our dedicated advisors will help you choose the right path for you.

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Join Music Lovers on Campus

Out of the over 40 student clubs and organizations, several demonstrate our music obsession, from listening to it to performing it. The Music Industry Club often hosts industry professionals from recording studios and other fields.

Our student groups are for students interested in social justice, civic engagement, art, business, and more. Review a complete list of clubs and organizations at Manhattanville.



If you’re ready to dive in to learn more about getting started in the music industry, review admissions information.

98% of undergraduate students at Manhattanville receive a form of financial aid to help manage the cost of attending college. Dedicated financial aid staff will help you navigate finding work-study and scholarship opportunities.

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Apply to the BA in Music Business at Manhattanville University

At Manhattanville University, the Bachelor of Arts in Music Business degree program provides students with the skills and knowledge to navigate the ever-changing music industry by blending a passion for music with business principles.

Take the first step toward becoming a music business major today. Request more information or begin your application.