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TESOL -Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Program Overview

*This program is taught in a hybrid format

The Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) graduate programs at Manhattanville University equip you with the specialized skills to empower students to participate fully in their education. 

Whether you hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree, have years of teaching experience, or are just starting out, Manhattanville University can help you reach the next step in your career. We offer different options to fit your professional goals, including a Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Teaching English as a Second Language degree program for first-time teachers seeking certification and a 15-credit TESOL advanced certificate for currently certified teachers.

Complete the requirements with flexible day and evening class times, while receiving individualized support from our faculty in small classes. Full-time student teaching practicums in Westchester County and surrounding areas give you the opportunity to apply your classroom knowledge and boost your resume.

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Our accredited TESOL graduate programs are designed to meet your professional goals—whether you are just starting your teaching career, pivoting to integrated and ESL classrooms after working mainly with native English speakers, or switching fields altogether. The curriculum equips you with theoretical concepts and effective applications of TESOL instruction, going beyond language acquisition to focus on a student’s overall academic journey. 

We take a holistic and inclusive approach to teaching English as a second language. Our philosophy is that young and adult learners, regardless of their linguistic and cultural backgrounds, have the capacity to reach their full potential. A teacher’s job is to be an advocate and help students develop their unique abilities so they can become the best version of themselves. Gain the necessary tools to become an effective and positive instructor with individualized attention from experienced faculty and courses in cross-cultural psychology, teaching methods, early and adult language acquisition, English grammar, and more. 

Manhattanville University offers three NYS TESOL certification pathways:

  • Master of Professional Studies in Teaching English as a Second Language (All Grades)
  • Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language (All Grades)
  • Certificate of Advanced Study in Bilingual Education 

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Student Teaching Practicums

By partnering with national and state professional organizations, and with local and regional schools and districts, we connect you to high-quality, convenient TESOL program student teaching placements. Whether you want to teach in New York public schools or teach adult learners, embark on a career as a curriculum specialist or a consultant, or climb to a supervisory role in your organization, our student teaching practicums offer you the real-world experience you need to reach your goals.

The MPS in Teaching English as a Second Language (All Grades) is a 2-3 year program that consists of 39 credit hours or 15 courses, including student teaching requirements. Students graduate certified to teach in all grades and can use the program as a foundation for further specialized training, like teaching adult learners. 


TESOL Master’s Degree Program Requirements

The TESOL curriculum incorporates the fundamental concepts, up-to-date teaching methods, and the latest research on language acquisition to give you the in-depth skills to soar in your career. Courses cover topics like foundations of bilingual and bicultural education, special education, child development, TESOL methods, reading and literacy, and testing and evaluation in a second language. Hands-on projects, New York State-required workshops, and New York State-required testing are built into the program and lead to certification. 

Graduates enter the workforce prepared to teach ESL or ENL to students of all ages, including adult learners. The program also opens doors to other roles like curriculum specialist, department supervisor, academic advisor, ESL coordinator, consultant, instructional designer, and corporate trainer. 


Requirements include: 

  • Early coursework in bilingual and bicultural education foundations (9 credits)
  • Intermediate courses in teaching across content areas, language courses, cultural perspectives for educators, and a culminating master’s final exam or project (27 credits)
  • Capstone student teaching and seminar in TESOL education (3-6 credits)


Review requirements for the master’s degree program in TESOL (Master of Professional Studies).


The graduate TESOL certificate is a 2-year program designed for students with a master’s degree or career in disciplines like linguistics, literature, anthropology, cultural studies, global studies, or other related fields. Students complete 30 credit hours divided between 11 courses, including student teaching. 


Certificate-Only Pathway Requirements

Gain the advanced professional training you need to pivot your career to ESL or ELN education. The TESOL certification program prepares you for a challenging and rewarding path by covering topics like English structure, fundamental concepts in special education, child development and learning, language learning and teaching principles, TESOL methods, cultural competency, literacy, and second language acquisition techniques. Complete state-required testing and workshops as you progress through your studies to become a certified teacher in New York. 

Upon graduation, you will understand how to apply effective teaching tools to different classroom instruction, evaluate and create a plan of studies for individual students, and develop appropriate curriculums for ESL and ELN programs. 

  • Entry-level coursework in TESOL education foundations (6 credits)
  • Intermediate courses (21 courses)
  • Capstone student teaching and seminar

Review requirements for the Graduate Certificate in TESOL pathway to certification.

Designed for professionals with a currently active New York State teaching certificate, the Advanced Certificate pathway takes one year to complete. The program consists of 15 credit hours divided into five courses and no student teaching requirements, leading to TESOL certification for current teachers interested in bilingual education. 


Advanced Certificate in TESOL Requirements

The curriculum covers topics like bilingual and bicultural pedagogy, cultural competency, second language acquisition, special education, teaching reading methods, curriculum development, classroom techniques, and evaluation methods. Students can also take New York State-required testing and workshops during the course of their studies if they have not previously completed them. Graduates embark on TESOL careers with the high-level training to unleash a student’s linguistic abilities. 

Review requirements for the Advanced Certificate in TESOL.

The TESOL program admission requirements vary depending on the pathways you choose. 

To apply for the Master’s in TESOL pathway, you must hold a bachelor’s degree in any field and complete entry-level education courses at the beginning of your studies. The graduate certificate in TESOL is geared toward candidates who already hold a master’s degree in a related area. 


Admissions requirements for the Advanced Certificate program include:

If you are an international student, you must demonstrate English language proficiency by obtaining a computer score of 300 or above or an internet-based score of 85 and above on the TOEFL Exam. Additional certification processes like fingerprinting, tests, and mandatory workshops may also be required. 

We offer rolling admissions throughout the year. Once we receive your complete application, it takes up to one week to review it. Priority deadlines for spring and fall registration can be found on the graduate admissions page below. 

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We are here to support you as you embark on an exciting new phase of your career. For more information on our TESOL certification program, including the admissions process, please contact a member of the graduate admissions team.


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Earn TESOL certification and transform a student’s ability to thrive with Manhattanville University’s master’s degree or graduate certificate in teaching English as a second language or advanced certificate in bilingual education. Each pathway prepares you for New York State certification and the rewarding task of teaching a diverse and multilingual classroom. 

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