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Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis Program Overview

*This program is taught online

Pursue Applied Behavior Analysis Certification in New York 

Manhattanville’s Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) programs leading to Board Certified Behavioral Analyst (BCBA) certification were developed to comprehensively meet the demand for professionals trained to design, implement, and supervise behavior analytic programs for individuals with autism and related disorders and students of all abilities.

Our Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in ABA degree and our Advanced Graduate Certificate in ABA program aim to help students flexibly pursue examinations and state and national applied behavior analysis certifications entirely online, with full- and part-time options for completing practicum experiences.

Graduates of our ABA training are scientist-practitioners who can conduct descriptive and systematic behavioral assessments and provide interpretations of results of analyses. Students learn to administer and supervise behavior analytic interventions and to analyze the effectiveness of their educational and behavioral programs.

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Mission Statement

The mission of both the Master of Professional Studies in Applied Behavior Analysis and the Advanced Graduate Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis at Manhattanville University is to prepare graduates as both researchers and practitioners to be professional, competent, inclusive, and ethical while working with individuals across a broad spectrum of abilities and communities.

Program Objectives

  • Explain the philosophical underpinnings of applied behavior analysis
  • Explain the functions of behavior from assessment of behavior to intervention using conceptually systematic and technological language.
  • Conduct a variety of indirect and direct assessments including descriptive assessments and functional analysis.
  • Design effective and empirically validated programs based on assessment results.
  • Implement a variety of measurement systems and interpret data across a variety of experimental research designs.
  • Train staff and stakeholders to implement programs using empirically validated systems.
  • Incorporates principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion across all professional aspects including assessment, intervention, and training


Manhattanville’s ABA program pathways assist students in the pursuit of two primary credentials essential to the profession: Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA®) and Licensed Behavior Analyst (LBA) in a convenient online format.

The ABA program guides students through completing the complex requirements for the BCBA, a nationally recognized professional credential, and the LBA, a New York State-specific credential. The LBA credential requires candidates to complete specific coursework beyond that which is required to be a BCBA, and in New York, state-specific restrictions limit the practice of behavior analysts to individuals with autism.

Students interested in licensure in another state should review the desired state’s certification criteria.


Approved ABA Licensure and BCBA Certification Preparation 

The Masters of Professional Studies in ABA and the Advanced Certificate in ABA are approved by New York State to lead to licensing as a behavior analyst. Additionally, the Association for Behavior Analysis International has verified our course sequence toward the coursework requirements for eligibility to take the Board-Certified Behavior Analyst® examination. 

Applicants are responsible for meeting fieldwork requirements on their own before they can be deemed eligible to take the examinations. Coursework may also be taken simply for individual professional development.


Full- or Part-Time Behavior Analysis Practicums

Manhattanville's online ABA programs emphasize real-world application. Our MPS and Advanced Certificate program practicum courses are intended to coincide with students' fieldwork experiences. The focus of these courses is to enhance students' clinical application and supervision skills. Our master's in ABA requires two, 3-credit practicum courses while our advanced certificate requires one, 3-credit practicum course.

Our comprehensive master’s degree program in Applied Behavior Analysis can be flexibly pursued online through a balance of synchronous and asynchronous learning.


MPS in Applied Behavior Analysis Program Requirements

Our 37-credit master’s in Applied Behavior Analysis program equips students with the vital knowledge and skills essential for a promising career in ABA. The curriculum combines comprehensive coursework with immersive experiences using behavior analysis with real students.

MPS in Applied Behavior Analysis program requirements encompass:

  • Entry-level courses in cultural perspectives for educators, principles, and concepts of ABA, and maintaining client records
  • Intermediate-level courses in Autism Spectrum Disorder, functional behavior analysis, and advanced topics in ABA
  • Capstone courses include two practicum courses with a 150 hour fieldwork requirement

Upon concluding the ABA degree program, graduates are adeptly equipped to pursue board certification examinations and licensed behavior analyst credentials, standing out as proficient practitioners in the field.

For professionals seeking a pathway without the typical duration of a complete master's program, our 33-credit online ABA certificate-only programs provide an ideal solution. Specially tailored for individuals who already possess a master’s degree in education or a closely related field, these courses furnish in-depth knowledge in applied behavior analysis in a shorter time frame.

Applied Behavior Analysis Certificate Program Requirements

The Advanced Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis program requirements include:

  • Entry-level courses in cultural perspectives for educators, principals, and concepts of ABA, and maintaining client records
  • Intermediate-level courses in Autism Spectrum Disorder, functional behavior analysis, and advanced topics in ABA
  • Capstone courses include one practicum in applied behavior analysis and a reduced credit course in research trends and issues


Dr. Leif Albright,

Both the master's and certificate programs require a bachelor's degree for entry. For the MPS program, an additional course in Child Development, such as EDU5344 Child Development and Learning or an equivalent, is mandatory.

Review complete graduate education program requirements and the application process at Manhattanville.


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If you have questions about the ABA program admissions process, prerequisites, or anything else, contact the graduate admissions team.


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