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Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership

Dissertation Completion Pathway

*This program is taught online

If you’ve completed all but the dissertation (ABD) for your Doctorate in Educational Leadership, Manhattanville University can help you finish your degree. Our Dissertation Completion Pathway is an innovative degree pathway designed for advanced doctoral students in education leadership (or a related field) who were enrolled in a doctoral program at an accredited university and have completed coursework requirements, but have not completed the dissertation.  

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Designed with flexibility in mind, the Dissertation Completion Pathway can help you finish your doctorate in 2 to 4 years! 

The program is designed for students to complete in two years, but students can take up to four years to complete. Students who are not able to begin the program in July may work with the program coordinator to design an individualized pathway. An individualized pathway allows the student to begin coursework in August or January but does not provide the student with the cohort experience that is often an essential element of student success. Students are strongly encouraged to begin the program in July as part of a dissertation completion pathway cohort. 

  • A customized and individualized course of study, with a focus on current problems of practice, the dissertation process, and research in educational leadership 
  • Coaching toward the completion of a doctoral dissertation 
  • Supportive, cohort-based model of teaching and learning 
  • A flexible schedule and a career-friendly online class format  
  • The ability to transfer up to 39 doctoral credits from an accredited program toward the 59-credit requirement. (Transfer eligibility determined by individual transcript review.) 
  • An optimal two-year timeframe to complete the degree  
With this option, Students choose from a menu of course offerings and join existing cohorts on the Manhattanville campus.
This option affords students with 3 start dates per year: spring, summer, or fall.
Students complete a total of 20 credits (assuming 39 transfer credits) to complete the 59-credit degree. Examples of courses that students would select:
Methods coursework: choose one or more
EDAD 8059 Quantitative Research Methods (3 credits)
EDAD 8057 Qualitative Research Methods (3 credits)
EDAD 8183 Seminar: Research Designs (3 credits)
Literature Review and Writing Support
EDAD 8052 Seminar: Writing the Literature Review (3 credits)
EDAD 8152 Scholarly Communication Seminar (2 credits) - optional
EDAD 8181 Seminar on Diss Formatting & APA 7e (1-credit) - optional
Dissertation Writing
EDAD 8183 Dissertation Seminar: Writing the Proposal (3 credits)
EDAD 8190 Dissertation Supervision (9 credits)


This pathway is a cohort-based, online program delivered in hybrid format: Students will receive a combination of synchronous and asynchronous teaching and learning.  A new cohort is admitted each Spring to begin coursework in early July.  


Synchronous Classes
  • Most sessions will be once a week (Mondays) from 7:00 to 8:30 pm to accommodate different time zones
  • Zoom (supplemented with TEAMS/ Blackboard Collaborate) is the platform that will be used for synchronous classes
  • Students will need access to a computer that has a strong internet connection, and are advised to have a headset to reduce echo from speakers


The program is structured as follows: 

Year 1:
Summer Term 1
Residency (July 8-10)
EDAD 8300: Literature Review course (3 credits)
*launches during residency, and extends through end of September, overlapping with fall course


Fall Term 2
EDAD 8183: Research Methods Refresher (3 credits)

Winter 2022
EDAD 8181: Coaching Completion (1-credit)

Spring 2022/Term 3
EDAD 8183: Proposal Writing Seminar (3 credits)
Proposal Defense (usually in summer)

Year 2:

Summer Term 4
EDAD 8190: Dissertation Supervision

Fall 2022/Term 5
EDAD 8190: Dissertation Supervision

EDAD 8181: APA 101 (1-credit) - optional

Spring Term 6
EDAD 8190: Dissertation Supervision and/or
EDAD 8152: Finish Strong Writing Seminar (2 credits)

Final Defense

May Graduation

You must have advanced to candidacy or reached all-but-dissertation (ABD) status in order to be accepted into the Dissertation Completion Pathway. Exceptions may be made as determined by the Admissions Committee. 



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