Biology and Computer Science Accelerated Program

BA/BS Biology and MS Computer Science Accelerated Dual Degree Program Overview

Manhattanville’s accelerated dual degree program combines the BA/BS in Biology program with the Master of Science (MS) in Computer Science degree program, allowing you to graduate with two degrees in just five years. 

Many of the most exciting advances in the field of biology have been powered by computational technologies. From analyzing genome sequences to classifying data sets to designing groundbreaking treatments, today’s biological research relies heavily on computer science and professionals who can understand the fundamental concepts of both disciplines.

In the accelerated dual bachelor’s and master’s program, you gain the in-depth knowledge and technical tools to thrive in biology and computer science careers. Undergraduate courses give you a solid foundation on the structure, function, and evolution of all living organisms while the master’s degree equips you with the advanced skills to approach research through technological innovation. 

With hands-on courses and projects, career-building internships in New York City, and one-on-one guidance from faculty mentors, you graduate as a strong candidate for today’s dynamic biotechnical industries. 

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The bachelor’s to master’s program in biology and computer science enhances your analytical skills, quantitative reasoning, research methods, creative problem-solving abilities, and proficiency in advanced computational concepts. Opportunities to complete lab-based courses and a dedicated research method course, as well as conduct original studies and experiments, are built-in to classes and increase as you go further in your studies. 

The accelerated bachelor’s to master’s program also provides an affordable pathway to your goals. You can take up to 12 graduate credits as dual credits during your bachelor’s degree, and use your undergraduate financial aid package to cover their cost. It also allows you to earn two degrees at a faster rate than a traditional master’s program, since you only need one additional year to earn the master’s in computer science. The first three years of the program are devoted to foundational undergraduate courses. In your fourth year, you can begin working toward your master’s. 


Years One-Three: Embark on your path as a biology major, focusing on undergraduate studies to lay the foundation for advanced computer science education.

Year Four: After discussions with academic mentors and fulfilling the necessary prerequisites, initiate courses related to the Master of Science in Computer Science.

Year Five: With the bachelor's level courses completed and master's level studies underway, complete your Master of Science in Computer Science and earn your advanced degree in an extra year.


Prepare for a number of roles in biomedical research and other industries at a program where you learn in-demand skills and tailor the curriculum to your academic interests. We also offer other accelerated combined bachelor’s programs with the MS in Computer Science. 

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As a biology major, the undergraduate curriculum incorporates general education requirements in the humanities, arts, sciences and social sciences. Program-specific courses cover topics like anatomy and physiology, genetics, microbiology, developmental biology, biochemistry, plant biology, molecular biology and evolutionary biology. Use electives to explore other interests or complete a minor. Option independent studies and internships boost your resume and give you the chance to apply your knowledge in real-world scenarios. 

Coursework in the master’s program provides professionalization in skills like database design, foundations of deep learning,graph theory, and industry-standard programming languages. Class projects tackle current issues and problems in the field and a final capstone project demonstrates your ability to come up with innovative approaches to computational problems. 


Requirements for the accelerated 4+1 BA/BS in Biology + MS in Computer Science include:

  • 12 core major courses and bachelor’s degree requirements
  • 9 graduate courses and capstone computer science practicum project (30 credits)


As an undergraduate biology major, complete 12 of 30 graduate credits and earn a Master of Science in Computer Science degree in just one extra year.


Course Progression and Eligibility

Participants in the integrated BA/BS in Biology + MS in Computer Science program are required to finish both MAC1010: Computer Science 1 and MAC2010: Computer Science 2, limiting themselves to a maximum of one 5000-level computer science course during their initial two semesters of the undergraduate phase. Following this period, they are permitted to enroll in up to two 5000-level computer science courses per semester.

For the MS in Computer Science program, any 5000-level computer science course completed during the undergraduate stage can be credited towards both the bachelor's in Biology and master's degrees

A bachelor’s degree in biology is a powerful launching pad for further work in computer science, considering how connected both disciplines are in today’s biomedical industries. Entering the job force with rigorous training in both fields—and a master’s degree, to boot—opens doors to opportunities at a faster rate than a bachelor’s degree would do on its own.

Graduates embark on biology and computer science careers in bioinformatics, systems biology, computational biology, academia, research institutes, health-related industries, and more. In addition to focusing on biological research through data analysis, modeling and simulations, some graduates also find roles in web development, front end development and software development. 

Some of the job titles for graduates interested in biochemistry and computer science careers are:

  • Bioinformatics Analyst
  • Bioinformatics Engineer
  • Computational Biologist
  • Database Architect
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Scientist


Salaries With a Combined BA/BS in Biology and Master’s in Computer Science

Biology and computer science degree salaries are competitive, and they increase with work experience and additional education. The median wage for computer scientists in 2022 was $136,620 and depending on the industry, location, and other factors, some professionals can earn even more than that. Possible salary outcomes for graduates include:

With a combined training in biology and computer science you graduate well-prepared for careers in the health professions, PhD programs in related-fields, and in any role that uses systems biology, bioinformatics and computational biology in the health industry. In short, you can thrive in careers that combine biology and computers. 

As an undergraduate, you can receive one-on-one support for medical school applications and other health sciences professional schools through the Health Sciences Certificate. The program provides you with the individualized support to apply with confidence to med school and other health professional graduate programs. In addition to covering the course requirements for graduate studies, it offers targeted academic advising, MCAT and GRE prep, internship services, and other benefits.

Full time:

Jon Munson

Mia Heissan

Mirela Djordjevic


Part time:

Freddy Santiago

Susmita Kha


Manhattanville offers other accelerated degrees that combine a master’s in computer science with different majors in related fields. Though the fields are different, they all share a flexible curriculum that incorporates research and hands-on experiential learning so students can follow their individual professional goals. Explore our major for master’s in science programs: 

We also offer a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) in Computer Science Education, an online degree in computer science education that prepares you for New York’s initial teaching certification. 

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Admission to Combined Bachelor’s and Master’s Programs

An accelerated biology and computer science program helps you reach your goals faster by making the transition from an undergraduate to a master’s program more seamless. 

Future undergraduate students must apply for undergraduate admission to the BA/BS in Biology degree program program at Manhattanville University. If you are a current biology major, you can apply online to the MS in Computer Science after completing at least 75 credit hours with a minimum GPA of 3.3. You need at least one letter of recommendation from a Manhattanville faculty member to submit your application. Once you are accepted into the program, you can start taking graduate courses in your fourth year. 


Connect with an advisor to plan next steps toward your degree. 

Review Manhattanville Undergraduate Admissions, apply today, and contact the admissions team with any questions. 


Accelerated Program Financial Aid

Accelerated program financial aid can reduce the cost of a master’s in computer science. You can use your undergraduate financial aid package to cover up to 12 dual credits and save on tuition. The shorter timeframe also implies a smaller investment in time and money than traditional master’s programs. 

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Apply to the 4+1 BA/BS Biology + MS Computer Science Program

At Manhattanville University, you can earn two in-demand degrees in five years with the 4+1 BA/BS in Biology + MS in Computer Science degree program. The combined biology and computer science bachelor’s and master’s trains you to be a highly-qualified professional in a field known for innovation and groundbreaking solutions. 

With New York City only a short ride away, you can expand your professional network through industry-relevant internships and other opportunities. Graduate ready for today’s job market through hands-on courses and practical-focused projects through Manhattanville’s affordable accelerated program.

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