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Art  Program Overview

Manhattanville’s BA and BS in Art program is taught by talented and accomplished faculty who recognize art as a highly individual, interpretive journey of understanding life. At the same time, your development as an artist is more than just solitary practice.

The art degree incorporates collaboration, mentorship, and training in theories and practice of fine art with the ability to refine your skills in one medium or genre. All art majors study themes and figures of art history and take electives in various studio art mediums, such as:

  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Sculpture
  • Printmaking
  • Illustration
  • Ceramics
  • Digital Media/Graphic Design

As students in the BA or BS in Art approach their junior and senior years, they choose a single area of concentration to focus on, spending studio time creating a body of work in two-dimensional, three-dimensional, or digital art. Areas of study within the art program include:

  • Design Thinking
  • Education
  • Fashion Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Painting/Drawing
  • Particle Design
  • Sculpture/Ceramics 

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Requirements for the bachelor's in art degree include core major courses, art history courses, studio electives, and general education courses.

  • 6 core courses in Foundational Studio Art and Fine Art concepts.
  • 3 Studio Art electives in different mediums.
  • 3 Studio Art electives from a chosen area of concentration.
  • 2 Art History courses.
  • Completed Junior-year review and Senior Project.
  • Minimum of 90 Liberal Arts credits completing Bachelor of Arts requirements.
  • After exploring the history, meaning, and methods behind various artistic approaches, art majors define and refine their creative drive as an individual, supported by concentrated study in their medium, faculty mentorship, and a self-directed final project.

Review complete degree requirements for the BA or BS in Art.


Course Requirements
In core art major courses, students study topics including:

  • Creative Process
  • Two Dimensional/Color Theory
  • Sculpture
  • Life Drawing
  • Digital Design
  • Contemporary Art History
  • Art History
  • Visual Arts

Art majors at Manhattanville then have the freedom to choose electives in their area of concentration, covering more in-depth topics and methods such as:

  • Printmaking
  • Wheel Throwing
  • Ceramic Sculpture
  • Digital Photography
  • Watercolor
  • Contemporary Painting Technique
  • Contemporary Sculpture
  • Wire Forms and Chains
  • Textiles Design
  • Interior Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Architecture Design
  • Junior Review and Senior Project

In each art major’s Junior year, they meet with faculty to review their progress thus far. Then, upon starting the final year of the art degree program, they complete a Senior Project (3 credits) over the course of the fall and spring semesters.

An in-depth and expansive creative effort, the Senior Project empowers students to demonstrate their growth in their area of concentration and their understanding of themselves as artists. In a seminar-style course, senior art majors meet with faculty to define the direction of their final art pieces. While students work to complete their final works, they receive access to a dedicated studio and can take advantage of faculty-guided field trips informing their process.

Review further information about the Senior Project in the Manhattanville catalog.

Digital Image Requirements
Students in the BA or BS in Art program are able to gradually build a digitized portfolio of the work they do throughout their degree.

Through the final years of the program, art majors are required to submit digital images of their assignments and other works to the Art faculty. Upon graduation, this comprehensive timeline of a student’s progress can provide the basis for a professional art portfolio in preparation for future career opportunities.

For students choosing art as a Minor, the program requires six courses:


ART.1023 Three-Dimensional Design


  One course in Studio Art  
ART.2030 Color and Two-Dimensional Design


ART.1001 Fundamentals of Drawing


ART.1002 Fundamentals of Drawing II




ART xxx 3 additional Studio Art courses (only 2 in single area) 9 credits.

ARH xxx 1 Art History course 3-4 credits.

A minimum grade of C- is required in all courses for the minor.

Full-Time Faculty
Alakanada Mukerji

Faculty Emeritus
Ann Bavar

Adjunct Faculty
Jocelyn Braxton-Armstrong
Pat C. Badia
James Bergenson
Laura Bethune
Sheila Fane
David Hughes
Pamela Lawton
Christopher E. Manning
Randy Matusow
Mari Ogihara
Timothy Ross
Dolores R. Santoliquido
Randolph Williams

Administrative Staff
Marie Patierno, Administrative Assistant

Our art degree program emphasizes understanding the artistic modes of expression as the foundation for all art careers. Beyond refining their craft in the studio, art majors at Manhattanville also benefit from opportunities to showcase their work and have professional experiences that open doors to career pathways in the art industry.

On-campus Galleries
Manhattanville’s two on-campus art galleries are spaces where students engage with the local and surrounding art community. Our galleries show the work of professional artists and host guest lectures and events educating both the public and academics on campus.

  • Arthur M. Berger Gallery of Art
  • Brownson Art Gallery

Our gallery spaces often feature the work of current art majors and Manhattanville alumni. Student artists also exhibit work throughout the campus. In April, each graduating student’s senior projects are shown as part of a group exhibition as fuel and preparation for future experiences as creative professionals.

Creative Internships
Manhattanville values connecting students seeking careers in the art world to meaningful internships and up-close, applied experiences.

Art majors are just a train ride away from the innumerable museums, galleries, studios, and arts organizations of New York City, not to mention the opportunities in the printing, advertising, marketing, and publishing industries.

Learn how Manhattanville’s Center for Career Development helps art majors find convenient and educational work experiences.

Connect with Peers
Joining a student club or organization can build collaborative relationships and leadership experience, integral to broadening your skill set as an artist. The art and art history-based organizations on campus range from lively discussion groups to opportunities to create art.

  • Art Club
  • Art History Club
  • Mville in Focus (photography club)
  • Valiant Art History Association

Review a complete list of Manhattanville’s on-campus organizations.

Enhance Your Education with a Double Major or Minor
Manhattanville’s flexible programming and advisory services give students the opportunity to expand their skills through pursuing a second major or minor in addition to the BA or BS in Art.

Popular disciplines that complement an arts education include:

  • Psychology
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Art History and Museum Studies
  • Communication Studies

Students interested in the BA or BS in Art will follow the typical Manhattanville admissions process, with the addition of a portfolio review. The art major portfolio requires 15-20 images in slide or digital format of the student’s best and most recent original works and a description sheet.

Portfolio Requirements

The admissions portfolio doesn’t need to be limited to a single genre or medium. Paintings, sculpture, ceramics, digital works, prints, and illustrations can be included. It’s suggested that the student compose the portfolio considering a variety of approaches, including when possible:

  • Drawings from observation
  • Self-directed works created outside of class assignments
  • Assignment-based pieces
  • Sketchbook excerpts

If you’re a current student declaring an art major, submit your portfolio to the Art faculty. Review complete portfolio requirements and learn how to submit online through ACCEPTD.


Students studying visual art at Manhattanville have the opportunity to be awarded field-specific scholarship awards.

Review complete financial aid and scholarship information.

Performance Major Award
This scholarship award is given to eligible new students to the art degree program, based on your portfolio submission. This is one of many scholarships that students are evaluated for throughout the application process.

Phyllis and Gary Grebstein Memorial Fund in the Visual Arts
This scholarship fund, established in 1997 in memory of Phyllis Grebstein (‘86) and her son Gary, grants funds each year to a sophomore or junior art major who demonstrates high professional standards in the field. Along with the financial component, the scholarship award includes an awards ceremony featuring the student’s art.

Phyllis was a sculptor with an accomplished artistic career, and her son Gary was a skilled and creative musician. The Manhattanville community recognizes them as innovative artists possessing outstanding excellence in craftsmanship, artistic imagery, and detail.

Explore last year’s Phyllis and Gary Grebstein Award Exhibition.

David Fagin Award
Every year a senior in the BA or BS in Art program is chosen to receive the David Fagin memorial scholarship award. These student-artists are honored with an awards ceremony in the Arthur M Berger Art Gallery, where their work is also showcased.

David Fagin was an accomplished artist whose life made a profound impact on those it touched and the entire Manhattanville community. He sought culture and knowledge as a theatre and fine arts supporter and discerning collector. In the years before his passing, he participated tacitly in the College community, auditing diverse courses, as well as the larger Westchester area, supporting those of all sociological ends.

To be eligible for the David Fagin art scholarship, students are invited to submit creative projects for consideration along with a proposal for a work or a portion of their Senior project. In your junior year, appropriate communications will update qualified students.

Apply to the BA or BS in Art 
Manhattanville’s Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Art degree program ensures graduating student-artists have built a meaningful body of work as well as the practical communication and critical thinking skills necessary to ignite their creative careers. 

To take the first step to becoming an art major at Manhattanville, review complete admissions information and request more details. Or, begin your application.

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