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Brightspace Orientation and Resources

Manhattanville is moving to Brightspace!

Beginning with the Summer I term (beginning May 28), we will no longer be using BlackboardInstead, all courses will be taught using Brightspace to host your class materials and activities.  Please check back regularly for updates. 


Faculty Members


Frequently Asked Questions

We invite you to explore this Brightspace Transition FAQ for answers to the faculty’s most frequently asked questions around migrating courses, support, features and functions, etc. 


Workshop Information

In-person workshops will be in the CTLS, LIB-213 and will require you to bring your own laptop.  Build in Brightspace Workshops will be in Zoom, and hosted by D2L.  Please check your Manhattanville e-mail for an Outlook Calendar invitation.

Feel free to drop by for answers to your Brightspace questions.  

July 1 - 3, 3:00 - 4:00 pm

July 8 - 11, 3:00 - 4:00 pm

  • Bancha Srikacha in CTLS, LIB-213
  • Rob Garfield via Zoom.  


Build in Brightspace Workshops

August 12, Monday, 1:00 pm - Adding and Creating Course Content

August 14, Wednesday, 1:00 pm - Grades

August 15, Thursday, 1:00 pm - Assignments

August 20, Tuesday, 10:00 AM - Discussions

August 21, Wednesday, 10:00 AM - Quizzes

August 22, Thursday, 10:00 AM - QuickEval (Scoring and providing feedback on assignments and quizzes)

August 27, Tuesday, 4:00 pm - Manhattanville University Q&A Session

We invite you to sign up at this Brightspace Workshop Registration.


Visit the links below to view the Brightspace webinar recordings.  Please note they are valid for 60 days from the session date.  

  • Content (5/9/24)
    •  Passcode: 7T05=pD%
  • Grades (5/10/24)
    • Passcode: 7N#Y^Yx@
  • Assignments (5/14/24)
    • Passcode: 0$$#.P^a



Faculty Support

Faculty use of instructional technology is very individualized and may require multi-faceted support.  Explore the options below for the best fit for your needs.   

Peer Mentors

These Peer Mentors are fellow faculty who are part of our Brightspace Champions group in Spring 2024.  They are available for help with migrating your course out of Blackboard and building it in Brightspace. 

School of Arts and Sciences:
Professor Steffi Shook.

School of Education:
Associate Dean Gerald Ardito.

School of Nursing and Health Science:
Associate Dean Orhan Hakli


Office of Instructional Technology 

Feel free to reach out to us with questions about the migration process, using Brightspace, and all things instructional technology related.   

Bancha Srikacha 

Rob Garfield 


Manhattanville Help Desk 

Submit a ticket to the Manhattanville Help Desk
for questions around login issues, enrollments of you or your students in courses, and other deeper level technical issues.  




Online Resources 

Brightspace Courses 

Within Brightspace, there are tutorial courses to help you get started setting up and managing your courses.  To self-enroll, log into Brightspace and in the red navbar, click, “Discover” to find and explore the below.   

Build Your Course – A quick start guide to introduce you to the basics of adding your syllabus and other files, as well as entering content directly into Brightspace. 

Launch into Brightspace – A more complete resource with tutorials on how to create modules, announcements, assignments, quizzes, discussions, grade books, etc.   

Instructor Lounge – Resources produced and curated by the Office of Instructional technology focusing on migrating content, copying courses, and other tips and tricks.   


Brightspace YouTube Channel 

YouTube Channel 





D2L Community

The D2L Community features vast and detailed information on all things Brightspace.  Create your own account to check out documentation, discussion forums, videos, mini-courses, and more!   



Find the resources and support you need to succeed!
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Get started with Brightspace

Log into Brightspace


Get the Mobile App Brightspace Pulse

Google Play | App Store 


Online Resources 

Launch into Brightspace 

Once in Brightspace, click, “Discover” in the red navbar, and enroll in the how-to course, Launch into Brightspace.  It features tutorials on how to access your course materials, participate in discussions, submit assignments, take quizzes, etc.   


Brightspace YouTube Channel

Explore the videos below to start familiarizing yourself with Brightspace. 

Navigating Content 

Assignments - Submit and Confirm a Submission 

How to Take a Quiz 

Create a Discussion Post 

Visit the full playlist, Learner. 


D2L Community 

The D2L Community features vast and detailed information on all things Brightspace.  Create your own account to check out documentation, discussion forums, videos, mini-courses, and more!   

Find student-specific guides at
D2L Community | Learner. 


Manhattanville Help Desk 

If you can’t log in, or see your course, etc., contact the Manhattanville Help Desk for questions and other technical issues.   




Office of Instructional Technology

If you are having trouble using Brightspace to complete your coursework, feel free to e-mail us.  

Bancha Srikacha 

Rob Garfield 




Frequently Asked Questions

To support students in the transition from Blackboard to Brightspace, the Office of Instructional Technology (OIT) in cooperation with the Office of Information Technology (IT) has prepared this information to address questions around the transition.   

Where do I log in to Brightspace? 

Log in here: brightspace.mville.edu (bookmark this page) 

If you are a continuing student, use the same username and password that you use for Blackboard (e.g., smitha) 

If you are a new student, use the log in credentials emailed to you by IT. 

If you have a problem logging in: Please submit a ticket to IT or email helpdesk@mville.edu. 

Do I already have a Brightspace account?  

A Brightspace account will be automatically created for you when you are registered for a Summer or Fall class. 

How do I change the settings on my account, including password and settings for assistive technologies? 

View this video to learn how to access and change general settings.  

How do I change my profile in Brightspace? 

View this video to change your profile picture and other preferences.   

How do I customize my notifications to control the emails I receive? 

View this video to change your profile picture and other preferences.  


Here are several additional videos that you might find helpful in navigating the Brightspace learning environment: 

Manage your Calendar 

Navigating the Content Tool to view and review course materials 

How to engage in the Discussions tool 

Submit Assignments and view feedback 

Viewing Grades and feedback 



Hear what students are saying

Activity Stream

"I like how (Brightspace) has an 'activity stream' where you are able to see upcoming due dates and assignments you need to do.


"It's easy to submit and find your assignments."

Quick Transition

"For those who are worried about this transition, I would say they would get used to it relatively quickly." 


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