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Valiant Learning Support Program

Welcome to the Valiant Learning Support Program (VLSP)

VSLP is a fee-based program designed to support college-ready students in developing stronger executive functioning skills as they transition to post-secondary life. 

Executive functioning skills are necessary for academic and social success. Students work 1:1 with a Learning Specialist to develop and nurture these skills which include Organization, Planning & Prioritizing, Task Initiation, Time Management, Cognitive Flexibility, Self-Regulation and Self-Advocacy.

VLSP Learning Specialists are highly trained educators who are experienced in working with students who have learning disabilities/differences. Since students are paired with one Learning Specialist, the Specialist gets to know each student's specific needs, goals and interests. Together, students and Learning Specialists will determine the focus of each session.

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Valiant Learning Support Program

The Valiant Learning Support Program (VLSP) pairs students with Learning Specialists who are trained in working with students who have learning disabilities/differences.


Learning Specialists provide each student enrolled in the program with 3 hours of 1:1 academic support on a weekly basis which may include working with the students on writing skills, reading comprehension skills, executive functioning skills. Students also have the option of adding a fourth hour at an additional fee.
Learning Specialists use the student's coursework to support students in their efforts to take ownership of their own learning and partner with students to promote self-advocacy and self-determination. This program is not content driven. Subject-matter tutoring is available at Manhattanville, but is not specific to VLSP.

$3,500 per semester*
($4,500 per semester for the fourth hour option)*
$5,550 per semester Combined with PAC*
$6,550 Combined VLSP & PAC with the fourth hour*
*There is a $100 fee for the first semester of VLSP
Rates are subject to change.


Held at the end of August prior to the start of new student orientation programming, Pre-Orientation allows students enrolled in the VLSP or PAC programs to adjust to life on campus in a comfortable and collaborative setting. Students have the opportunity to move into their dorm rooms early, acquaint themselves with campus resources, meet other students in small groups, make new friends, and start the transition to college. Specific information about dates and scheduled programming will be shared after students are committed to the program. There is no additional fee for this program.

It is important to keep in mind that every student is different, and the specific objectives for each VLSP student will vary based on their individual needs and preferences. VLSP is a voluntary program and individual outcomes are dependent on the level of collaboration and participation offered by the student.


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What Are Executive Functioning Skills?

Executive functioning skills are the complex mental processes that serve as “command and control” for human behavior. Our genes provide the roadmap for these skills, but they do not begin to develop until we start to engage with our environment. The most rapid timeframe of development is between ages 3-5, but we continue to develop these skills through early adulthood. These skills can be nurtured through training and practice.

Planning – Setting goals and working to accomplish tasks.

Time Management – Understanding how long a task will take and using time efficiently.

Working Memory – Storing information for the short time while we are using it.

Self-Control – Independently regulating our thoughts, actions, and emotions.

Perseverance – Ability to stay on task even when it becomes difficult.

Organization – Keeping materials neat, orderly, and accessible.

Task Initiation – Being able to start a task even when you do not want to.

Metacognition – Being aware of what you already know and making use of it in new contexts.

Attention – Being able to focus on a task or a person and also being able to shift focus when appropriate.

Flexibility – Coping with new situations and being able to adapt to change.


How do I Register for VLSP?

  1. Log in to the Health and Accommodations Portal using your Manhattanville username and password.  
  2. Hover on the “Accommodations” tab in the top bar and then select “Application” from the drop-down menu. 
  3. Proceed to complete the application as listed on Page 1. 
  4. Upload any supporting documentation that you have on Page 2 (please note – you can submit the application without uploading documentation, but it will be incomplete until you either upload it at a later time or deliver it to a Center for Student Accessibility staff member). 
  5. You do not need to apply for Accommodations to apply for VLSP, but many students do both. 
  6. Fill out the Valiant Learning Support Program and Pathways and Connections Program Application on Page 3. 
  7. Submit your application. 
  8. Schedule an intake interview with a staff member at CSA by calling 914.323.7127 or emailing Please note that your application is incomplete until this intake interview is completed. 



VLSP Frequently Asked Questions

No. Students with diagnosed learning disabilities can benefit from this program, but any student who needs support with executive functioning skills can enroll in the program. 
Manhattanville provides orientation days over the summer for incoming freshmen to get better acquainted with college life. The VSLP and PAC programs also offer a Pre-Orientation prior to the start of school where students can get accustomed to the campus, learn where resources are, meet fellow students and start adjusting to college life. The Learning Specialists support VLSP-enrolled students with navigating the transition from high school to college. The staff of the Center for Student Accessibility are also available to support VLSP students as they navigate this transition. 
Most Learning Specialists are located in the Library on the main level by the Center for Student Accessibility, Room 134. Some Learning Specialists are also located on the lower level of the library in Room 005. 
Most sessions with Learning Specialists will be in person. Sometimes, a student will choose to meet with their Learning Specialist on-line. This can be determined between student and Learning Specialist on a case-by-case basis. 
The Office of Student Health and Counseling (SHAC) is a free and confidential resource for all full-time students. Counseling and Health services works like an urgent care; students who are not feeling well can schedule an appointment to see one of the Nurse Practitioners or Psychologists and receive care. 
The Center for Student Accessibility (CSA) is the office that manages student accommodations. VLSP students are encouraged to share information about their academic and residential needs with the Director or Assistant Director of the Center for Student Accessibility in order to receive academic or housing accommodations. 

The Center for Student Accessibility (CSA), the Learning Specialists who are part of the Valiant Learning Support Program (VSLP), and the Academic Advisors from the Office of Academic Advising work together to support the academic experience of our students at Manhattanville. VLSP students work with the staff in these offices to ensure they are receiving support throughout the semester. Students are encouraged to directly contact any of these offices whenever they have concerns or experience difficulties.

The VLSP program is not subject-based; however, some Learning Specialists may have a deeper well of knowledge in a certain subject. Students are encouraged to use NetTutor which is our online academic tutoring program accessible through Blackboard and to utilize the Andrew Bodenrader Center for Academic Writing and Composition. Both programs are free and available to all Manhattanville students. 
All professors offer office hours and the opportunity for students to schedule a meeting in person and virtually. Students are encouraged to contact their professors with any issues or concerns. The Learning Specialists can assist students with crafting an email to a professor if/when needed or desired.
Although none of the supports provided to VLSP students are mandatory, we strongly recommend that VLSP students meet with their Learning Specialists regularly. Schedules do get busy and sometimes it may be necessary to cancel a session. We encourage students to communicate with their Learning Specialists when such conflicts occur and do their best to reschedule any missed appointments. Missed sessions are not pro-rated. We genuinely believe that the more the VLSP student engages with the program, the more they will get out of it. 

Although a full-time student status (12 to 15 credits) might seem very busy, classes don’t meet every day, so, students will learn to identify pockets of time for scheduling various activities. The Learning Specialists will work with students to better understand their daily schedule and to find the time needed to complete assignments and attend important appointments. An ongoing goal of the VLSP Learning Specialist is to help VLSP students to become responsible adults who are committed to planning their schedules, attending classes, completing assignments and communicating their needs to others.

Because of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), student confidentiality is very strictly maintained at Manhattanville. Your student will have to provide written consent in order for Manhattanville staff and faculty to be able to provide you with information about their experience. Parents will not have direct contact with the Learning Specialist, but they are always welcome to contact the Director of the Center for Student Accessibility regarding questions about the program. 
The VLSP and PAC application is part of the application for accommodations in the student health portal. Students must be enrolled and deposited at Manhattanville before they are eligible to apply. While applicants enroll as degree-seeking students and are eligible for financial aid, the Valiant Learning Support Program requires a separate fee that is not supported through financial aid packages.
The bill for VLSP will be shared with the student accounts department each semester. This will show as another charge on the tuition bill. Any questions regarding payment or payment plans should be directed to OneStop at


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