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We operate under an interdisciplinary model of care and approach the physical and emotional wellness of our students in a holistic and culturally sensitive way. Our licensed providers work as a team and carefully consider the interplay between one’s emotional and physical well-being. We employ a student-focused approach and our staff are dedicated to meeting the ever-changing needs of a diverse student body. 

Dr. Melissa Boston
Dean of Student Health and Wellbeing

Melissa Boston, PsyD

Dr. Melissa Boston is a Clinical Psychologist who joined SHAC in 2015. She currently oversees the Student Health and Counseling Department.  She earned her PsyD from Minnesota School of Professional Psychology with a specialization in Child/Adolescent Psychology, and her Master’s in Psychology and Education from Teacher’s College at Columbia University. Dr. Boston maintains a strong interest in public health and health psychology. Dr. Boston is a graduate of Manhattanville University and was a member of the Women’s Tennis team.  

Dr. Boston’s training was largely CBT and DBT focused, but she draws from several different theories and methodologies. She has specialized trauma training and experience working with adolescents who have experienced significant trauma. Her approach is flexible and individualized to meet the needs of the student.



Daniella DiClerico, FNP
SHAC Associate Director and Family Nurse Practitioner

Daniella DiClerico, FNP

Daniella is a Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Pace University and her Master of Science in Nursing from the College of Mount Saint Vincent. Daniella has been working as a Nurse Practitioner in a corporate setting in an occupational health office treating executives and employees. Prior to that, she worked at White Plains Hospital Center as a Registered Nurse in the Emergency Department. She provided care to adults and children ranging from critical care to simple first aid. After 20+ years in the Emergency Department, she switched gears and took on the role of Nursing Coordinator in a corporate setting. From there she earned her MS in Nursing and transitioned to working as a Nurse Practitioner. Daniella lives in Yorktown Heights with her husband Chris and her three grown children, Adam, Andrew, and Amanda. When not working, she enjoys her family and loves playing with her two miniature Dachshunds, Marty and Lorraine.



Elana Light, PsyD
SHAC Associate Director, Coordinator of Clinical Training

Elana Light, PsyD

Dr. Elana Light is a licensed clinical psychologist who has been a member of the SHAC team since 2014. Prior to joining the Manhattanville community, she completed a post-doc at Pace University in college mental health with a focus on anxiety, depression, and stress-management. Before becoming a psychologist, she worked in public health research, but felt it lacked the emotional connections that being a therapist offered, so she returned to school to become a psychologist. Dr. Light’s areas of interest include depression, anxiety, trauma, grief and loss, and relationship issues. She provides a supportive and person-oriented approach to help students feel comfortable in therapy and collaborates with them to develop treatment goals. Dr. Light coordinates the clinical training program at SHAC. She strives to provide a comprehensive training experience to graduate students who are pursuing a career in counseling. Outside of work, she loves to travel, visit new places, and spend time with family. 



Natalie Fraser - Office Manager
Office Manager

Natalie Fraser

Natalie is the Office Manager for the SHAC Department. She graduated from Marist College in 2020, majoring in Business Administration and Management with a concentration in Human Resources. Natalie loves learning about the dynamic between employer and employee relations and how it affects a company’s success. Prior to her position at Manhattanville University, she worked as a Supervisor for Lucky Brand. 

Adele Dillane, RN
SHAC Nurse Manager

Adele Dillane, RN

Adele Dillane is a Registered Nurse and joined the SHAC team in 2007. She earned her degree from Pace University school of Nursing.  Adele comes to Manhattanville with 30+ years of experience in many areas of nursing. When she is not working she enjoys spending time with her family in addition to gardening, cooking and hiking with her dog Bailey.  Adele loves working at SHAC because she learns something new everyday from the students.



Joanne Hwang - Psychologist
SHAC Senior Staff Psychologist

Joanne Hwang, PsyD

Dr. Joanne Hwang joined SHAC in 2017. She earned her PsyD from New York University and B.A. from Barnard College/Columbia University. Prior to joining SHAC, Dr. Hwang worked in varied clinical settings, including psychiatric hospitals, outpatient clinics and college counseling centers. Dr. Hwang strives to create a warm, non-judgmental and meaningful experience with the aim of helping students gain insight into their concerns, decrease stressful feelings, change maladaptive patterns of thinking and behavior, and improve coping skills. Dr. Hwang’s clinical areas of interest include acculturation, relationships, adjustment to life transitions, and mindfulness-based stress reduction. Dr. Hwang also serves as a supervisor in SHAC’s clinical training program. 



Christine Podber, LMHC
SHAC Staff Psychotherapist

Christine Podber, LMHC

Christine is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. She takes a supportive and person-centered approach to ensure that students feel comfortable in therapy and feels that everyone has the capacity for positive growth. Christine has experience with evidence-based treatments including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy. She has been a member of the SHAC team since 2018 however, she has been a member of the Manhattanville community for more than 10 years. Prior to joining SHAC Christine worked as a Career Counselor in the Center for Career Development. When she is not working Christine enjoys spending time with her family, traveling and running races throughout the country. Christine is has run over 50 races including the New York and Chicago Marathons. 



Dr. Vanessa Carroll
SHAC Staff Psychiatrist

Vanessa Carroll, MD

Dr. Vanessa Carroll is a Psychiatrist who joined SHAC in 2022.  She earned her Medical Degree from Albany Medical College and did her Psychiatry Residency at Montefiore/Einstein. Prior to joining SHAC, Dr. Carroll worked and trained in varied clinical and academic settings, including psychiatric hospitals, outpatient clinics, college counseling centers, and residency training. Students are referred to her by the therapists at SHAC if they feel they need an evaluation from a Psychiatrist. She is passionate about student mental health, collaborative care and alternative treatments. She feels strongly that the best setting to support students is when the whole team is working together. She zealously studies the research on integrative treatments for depression and anxiety and relishes in passing along that information to her clients.  Dr. Carroll understands that college can be a stressful time. She wants to create a treatment plan with students that can include psychotherapy, supplements, medications, and lifestyle modifications. Her hope is that the insights students gain during their treatment course into how they can feel better will help them feel empowered along their lifelong journey of optimizing their mental health.  



Kerri Haffner Nurse
SHAC Staff Nurse

Kerri Haffner, LPN

Kerri has been working in the medical field since 1992. First as an EMT then as a mental health worker at Four Winds Hospital. After finishing nursing school, she worked at Nassau County Medical Center for several years and gained experience in many different areas of nursing. Most recently Kerri has been working as a pediatric nurse at Caremount Medical for the last 15 years. She lives in Putman Valley, NY with her husband Dan and her son Zachary, who is currently attending the University of Colorado in Boulder. When not working Kerri enjoys all things outdoors. You will usually find her hiking, biking, kayaking, skiing, snowshoeing and most other outdoor activities. She loves to travel and is always planning her next adventure.  Kerri recently joined the SHAC team and is looking forward to providing care and interacting with the students. 



Molly Meehan
SHAC Family Nurse Practitioner

Molly Meehan, FNP

Molly Meehan is a Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Providence College and a Masters of Science in Nursing at Yale University. Molly has worked in women’s health and multiple college health centers throughout her career. She enjoys working with college students and helping them to navigate the healthcare system. When she is not working, Molly enjoys traveling, skiing and spending time with her family.



Claudia Goicochea
PAC Coordinator

Claudia Goicochea

Claudia is a Manhattanville Graduate who has joined SHAC as the coordinator of PAC. She earned her MA from Pace University and has spent her career working with people with different abilities. While in Manhattanville she was part of the International Students Organization, Orientation Advising Team, and Duchesne Center.  

Claudia specializes in positive and behavioral support and has worked in different clinical settings with individuals from all age groups. She has helped individuals gain insight into areas that need advancement which might include cognitive abilities, managing stress, anger management, coping, and social skills. 

Claudia strives to create a warm, inclusive, non-judgmental environment for students and wants to become a support and advocate for them. 

Her interests include neuropsychology and neurodiversity, physical and emotional health, mind and body connection, and spirituality and world religions. 

Claudia also loves traveling, gastronomy, and educational growth. 

Claudia lives in White Plains with her husband and her wheaten terrier Oliver.  



Archie white Therapy Dog
SHAC Therapy Dog


Archie is the newest member of Student Health and Counseling. He recently passed his therapy test and loves being on campus. He joins students in counseling sessions to provide support and to help them feel comfortable. In his free time, he likes barking at deer and rabbits, eating treats and napping.

Reid Castle
Administrative Assistant

Laura M. Lopez

Laura comes from a corporate background of 23+ years at a Fortune 500 company. When Laura is not working, she loves to spend time at her happy place which is at any beach! She divides her time between New York and Maine. Laura is proud to be a part of SHAC and work with a great group of women. 

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