Siobhan Nash-Marshall

Professor, Philosophy


Reid Castle, 19

Professor Siobhan Nash-Marshall is the Mary T. Clark Chair of Christian Philosophy at Manhattanville University. She holds Ph.D.s from Fordham University and the Università Cattolica di Milano, as well as a L.M. from the Università di Padova and a B.A. from New York University. Her specializations are metaphysics, epistemology, and medieval philosophy. A prolific author, her most recent publications include “Scholar Reflects on ‘enormous significance’ of U.S. Recognition of the Armenia Genocide” (2021), “Aspettando Giobbe” (2021), “On Thales, Chaos, and Water” (2021). Her 2018 book, The Sins of the Fathers: Turkish Denialism and the Armenian Genocide (2018), has been translated into Italian, Armenian, and will soon be released in Russian.

Theory of Knowledge
Philosophy of Religion
Metaphysical Continuations
Philosophy and Literature

Ph.D., Master of Arts, Master of Philosophy, Fordham University
Ph.D., Università Cattolica di Milano
L.M., Università di Padova
B.A., New York University

“Evil, Pain, and the Problem of Properties”
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“Lies, Damned Lies, and Genocide”
Metaphilosophy, 2013


“Levi, Arslan, and Responses to Genocide"
Scrittori del Novecento e Mistero Cristiano, 2013


“Boethius’s Influence on Theology and Metaphysics through the Sixteenth Century”
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“Bugie, maledette bugie e genocidio”
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“Saint Anselm and the Problem of Evil, or on Freeing Evil from the Problem of Evil”
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Provost Research Grant Cafesjian Family Foundation Grant Fine Arts and Humanities Grant Aquinas Foundation Grant