Jim Bryan

Ryan/Bacardi Professor of Economics, Economics, Finance, and Management


Manhattanville, Reid Hall, Room 407

Prof. Bryan is the Ryan/Bacardi Professor of Economics and has taught at the University since 1984. On three occasions he has been voted Faculty Member of the Year by the Student Government Association, most recently in May 2014. He has also served as provost and dean of faculty, associate provost, and dean of studies. Prof. Bryan is strongly interested in discovering the ways in which students learn best, and he is dedicated to helping his advisees discover their own strengths and what those strengths imply for possible career paths. He teaches courses that apply economics to public policy and examine the economics of competitive strategy and the problems of personal finance, as well as a first-year seminar on what it means to be human. The research program in which Prof. Bryan is engaged analyzes the ways in which public policy can be used to reduce poverty. His current focus is on inequality of opportunity, its effects on intergenerational income mobility, and the public policies that might address these problems. He is co-editor of a book series on the Basic Income Guarantee and is associate editor of Basic Income Studies, an electronic journal.

Ph.D., University of Virginia
Great Books Program, A.B., University of Notre Dame