Nimish Adhia

Associate Professor of Economics
Nimish Adhia, Associate Professor of Economics

School of Arts and Sciences, Purchase, NY


Nimish Adhia specializes in international economics and economic history, and teaches courses on international trade, economics of developing countries, and intellectual history of capitalism. He is on the editorial board of Education About Asia and serves as a series editor of the Economic History Cast Studies of Sage Publishers.

Areas of Expertise


Economic Development

International Trade

University of Illinois at Chicago


PhD Economics

University of Illinois at Chicago


MA Economics

Illinois Wesleyan University


BA Economics

  • Economic Freedom Institute, Advisory Board
  • American Economics Association
  • Association of Private Enterprise
  • Association of Asian Studies
  • American Association of University Professors
  • Heterodox Academy
Selected Media Appearances
What Does a Trade War Mean for Westchester?


March 2019

If you’ve unfolded a newspaper in the past year, or clicked through online news sites, President Trump’s varied taxes on foreign goods (and other countries’ retaliatory tariffs) have likely made an appearance. So: Has the trade war claimed any casualties here in Westchester?

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The Role of Ideological Change in India’s Economic Liberalization

Marginal Revolution Blog

April 2018

In an interesting paper, Nimish Adhia argues that in the 1980s Bollywood films began to shift from emphasizing collectivist duty towards individual happiness.

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I am Not Interested in the Status Quo

The Telegram (Canada)

June 2018

As Dr. Nimish Adhia, professor of economics at Manhattanville University in New York stated during his recent trip in Newfoundland and Labrador, “The presence of immigrants also creates jobs. Immigrants create jobs as consumers, as entrepreneurs, as investors, as workers who complement the skills of natives, as citizens, as taxpayers. … Immigration does not diminish the economic opportunity of natives, in fact it expands it.”

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Selected Event Appearances
How Bollywood Heralded India's Economic Liberalization

Students for Liberty Northeast Regional conference, October 2013

John Jay College of Criminal Justice (New York City)

The Case for Buying Goods Made by Workers Paid 50 cents an hour  

Free Speech Society, November 2017  

Memorial University of Newfoundland (St John's, Newfoundland and Labrador)  

Do Immigrants Steal American Jobs? Findings from Economics  

Free Speech Society, Students for Liberty, November 2017  

Memorial University of Newfoundland (St John's, Newfoundland and Labrador)