Theresa Kelleher

Theresa Kelleher

Associate Professor, Asian Studies, World Religions, History

Founders Hall, Rm G22
Mon, Thu 10:30 a.m.-Noon; By Appointment
(914) 323-5152

About Me

Prof. Kelleher started her career in Asian studies as an undergraduate at Manhattanville and was pleased to return later to teach in the department. After receiving an M.A. in Chinese literature from the University of Hawaii, she earned a Ph.D. from the East Asian Languages and Cultures Department of Columbia University, specializing in Chinese Confucianism. Her interests in Asia are broad and varied; they include children’s education, women in Buddhism and Confucianism, the Silk Road, and human rights. As much as possible, she likes to take her students to local museums with exhibits on Asia. She is a member of the Association of Asian Studies and the American Academy of Religion and ASIANetwork, and participates in the Faculty Seminar on Neo-Confucian Studies at Columbia University. Her most recent publication, The Journal of Wu Yubi: the Path to Sagehood (Hackett Publishing Co.), is a translation and commentary on a Confucian diary that shows the private anguish and joys of a 14th-century Chinese commoner trying to make sense of his life. She has served as chairwoman of the Asian Studies Department for most of her tenure at Manhattanville, and is the faculty advisor for the campus Animation Club. She is currently teaching World History Before 1500, Religions of China, and History of Traditional Japan; in spring 2015, she will teach Asian Religions, History of Modern Japan, and Women in Chinese and Japanese Religions.

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Current Courses
World History before 1500
Religions of China
History of Traditional Japan
Asian Religions
History of Modern Japan
Women in Chinese and Japanese Religions
Professional History
Visiting Assistant Professor of History
Rider College
Assistant Professor
Manhattanville College
Chinese Thought, Ph.D., Columbia University
Chinese Literature, Master of Arts, University of Hawaii
Asian Studies, Bachelor of Arts, Manhattanville College
Feature Publications

Translation with introduction and commentary
The Journal of Wu Yubi: the Path to Sagehood, 2013

"Writing One's Way to Sagehood: Wu Yu-pi and His Journal"

Special Issue: Autobiography and Mysticism, a/b: Auto/Biography Studies 6 (Fall 1991)

Back to Basics: Chu Hsi’s Elementary Learning (Hsiao-hsüeh).”

In Neo-Confucian Education: the Formative Stage. Ed. Wm. Theodore deBary and John Chaffee. Berkeley: University of California Press.