Phyllis Lefton

Phyllis Lefton

Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science

Brownson Wing, Room BW8
Monday and Thursday 12:00-1:30PM; other times by appt.

About Me

Phyllis Lefton earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in mathematics summa cum laude from Barnard College, where she was elected to Phi Beta Kappa, and her Ph.D. in mathematics from Columbia University. In her doctoral dissertation she solved a problem in abstract algebra related to the Galois groups of trinomials.

Dr. Lefton’s current research interests lie in the field of number theory, specifically factoring and primality testing. She has published papers in the American Mathematical Monthly, College Mathematics Journal, Acta Arithmetica, Fibonacci Quarterly, Mathematics Teacher, and the New York State Mathematics Teachers’ Journal.

At Manhattanville, Dr. Lefton teaches a full range of mathematics courses including Mathematics for the Liberal Arts Student, Calculus, and beyond, including advanced-level classes such as Number Theory and Modern Algebra.