Peter Rivera

Peter Rivera

Senior Lecturer, Department of Economics, Finance, and Management

Reid Castle 418
Tuesday & Friday 8:15-9:00AM and 3:15-4:00PM

About Me

Joining the Manhattanville community in the Fall 2016 semester, Peter Rivera came with 10 years of full-time teaching experience and 20+ years of international investment banking experience. He is a certified public accountant, has a deep professional background in financial derivatives and credit risk management and his current research interests include financial institution risk management and corporate finance policies.  

Current Courses
Fundamentals of Accounting I
Corporate Finance
Finance, ABD DPS, Pace University, Lubin School of Business
Finance, MBA, New York University, Stern School of Management
Accounting, BS, Fordham University, College of Business Administration
Feature Publications


Optimizing the After-Tax Composition of Payments From a C Corporation to Its Sole Shareholder-Employee—A Post-American Taxpayer Relief Act Look at Maximizing After-Tax Returns

Tax Management Compensation Planning Journal, 42 CPJ 95, May 2014, The Bureau of National Affairs

The End of Tax Relief: How the Composition of Payments from a C Corporation to its Shareholder-Employee Changes in 2014

Refereed Proceedings of the 2014 American Accounting Association, Mid-Atlantic Region Meeting, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, April 24-26, 2014, Page 238


Pricing Models

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Credit Derivative Products

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