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Mirela Djordjević, PhD

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About Me

Mirela Djordjević began her career at Manhattanville College in 2002. Prior to her arrival at Manhattanville, she taught at Trinity University in San Antonio, TX from 2000-2002. Dr. Djordjević also taught for fifteen years from 1984-1999 at the University of Belgrade in Serbia. Dr. Djordjević holds a PhD and master’s degree in computer science from University of Maryland, and a master’s degree in computer science and a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the University of Belgrade, Serbia. Her research interests include: programming languages design, domain specific languages (DSL), electronic document systems, program design, program verification and constructive type theory (CTT).

Current Courses
Computer Programming I
Computer Programming II
Computer Systems Architecture and Programming in C
Database Design and Construction
Programming and Graphics in Visual Basic
Programming Animations and Games
Programming Languages
Web Applications Development
Professional History
Trinity University
Mechanical Engineering University
High School Teacher
Belgrade High School
Numerical Mathematics, BS, Belgrade University
Computer Science, MS, Belgrade University
Computer Science, MS, University of Maryland
Computer Science, PhD, University of Maryland
Feature Publications


Java in Academia and Research, chapter : Teaching Java Introductory Course – Mville Way

iconceptpress, 340–353


Database Design using Java : A Web-based Methodology

ISBN 978-0-596-52422-7


Programming and Graphics in Visual Basic

ISBN 0-596- 52562-1

Research Paper

Spiral Model Reinforced in Teaching Introductory Programming Course

ICER 2007

Research Paper

Internal Properties in Constructive Type Theory

InfoScience, No. 3, 2000