Jorge L. Cárdenas

Jorge L. Cárdenas

Lecturer and Director of Laboratory Management
(914) 798-2715

About Me

Jorge L. Cárdenas has been Director of Laboratory Management at Manhattanville College since August 2015, and supervisor of the laboratory assistantship program. He is also Lecturer of Biology in the NSMC Division and has been teaching several chemistry and biology courses, including Chemistry for Nursing, Survival Chemistry, Introduction to Chemistry, Introduction to Biology, and a sports studies course in Capoeira, to name a few. His academic interests are in early Earth chemistry, abiogenesis, cellular protein micro-machinery, neurochemistry and evolutionary psychology, and survival chemistry. Prior to starting a career in academia and lab management, he was Project Leader for Systems Biology and Senior Scientist at Unilever Research US and Visiting Associate in Investments at Physic Ventures (San Francisco, CA). While in graduate school, he served as Project Support Specialist, National Biomedical Research Foundation in Washington, D.C., as well as Research Associate, Human Genome Sciences (MD). He has also been training and coaching martial arts since 1998 and founded his own group in 2013; he is a master hand percussionist, published artist, and avid foreign language student.

Current Courses
Introduction to Biology
Introduction to Capoeira
Introduction to Chemistry
Introduction to Wellness
Principles of Biology with Laboratory
Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, BS, University of Maryland
Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, MS, George Washington University
Feature Publications

Patent: US2010/0158829 A1

Method and Composition for Color Modulation

PIRSF Family Classification System at the Protein Information Resource

Nucleic Acids Research 2004