James E. Jones

James E. Jones

Professor, World Religions/African Studies

Reid Hall, Room 410
Monday 1:00-3:00pm; Wednesday 11:00am-1:00pm; or by appt.
1 (914) 323-5134

About Me

James Jones is a professor of world religions with a concurrent appointment in the African studies program. A member of the American Academy of Religion and the North American Association of Islamic and Muslim Studies, Prof. Jones appears frequently in the media and is often invited to speak about religion, Islam, African American studies, and diversity in the United States and abroad. Overseas venues where he has either taught, lectured, or served as an institutional consultant include Bahrain, Bosnia, Bermuda, Egypt, India, Jerusalem, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Trinidad Tobago, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom. In addition to his work as a higher education professional, Prof. Jones has a background in civil rights advocacy, community and family mediation, diversity consulting and training, and prison chaplaincy. He has been chairman of administrative hearings on student discipline for his local public school board, and served as dean of the annual in-service training program held for chaplains and clergy at Yale University since 2011.

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Current Courses
Power, Authority, Leadership and Ethics (Honors)
Martin Luther King
Religion Advocacy and Peace: The Middle East Crisis
Professional History
Center for Middle East Understanding, Manhattanville College
International Summer School on Religion and Public Life
Academic Director
Al-Azhar University
Visiting Professor
Graduate School of Islamic and Social Sciences
Christian-Muslim Relations, Doctor of Ministry, Hartford Seminary
Religion, Master of Arts, Divinity School, Yale University
School of Law/Graduate School, Yale University
History, Bachelor of Science, magna cum laude, Hampton University
Feature Publications


“Loving God by Living Peacefully and Promoting Peace”

American Baptist Quarterly, Fall 2012