Edward N. Schwartz

Edward N. Schwartz

Professor, Chairman, Mathematics and Computer Science

Brownson Wing, Room 08
Tuesday and Friday 1:00-1:30PM, 3:00-4:00PM and by appt..
1 (914) 323-1555

About Me

Prof. Schwartz has been a member of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science for more than 30 years. His Ph.D. in mathematical logic is from Yeshiva University, as is his M.A. in mathematics. His A.B. is from New York University where he completed majors in mathematics and English and minors in physics and economics. His areas of research interest are mathematical logic, artificial intelligence (with particular interest in expert systems and machine learning), and bioinformatics.

Prof. Schwartz has taught virtually every course in mathematics and computer science offered by the department.