David Gutman

David Gutman

Associate Professor, History

Founders Hall, Room G24a
Tue, Fri 1-2:30 p.m.
(914) 323-5288

About Me

David Gutman arrived at Manhattanville after completing his Ph.D. at Binghamton University. His teaching interests include the history of the modern Middle East, global history, social and political movements, and migration. His research interests revolve around the politics of migration and migration control, the intersection of mobility and citizenship, the social and political history of Ottoman peripheries, and Ottoman Armenians in the last decades of empire. More information on Prof. Gutman’s research, publications, and teaching can be found on his personal website.

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MA, PhD, Binghamton University
B.A, University of Minnesota
Feature Publications

Article November 01, 2016

Travel Documents, Mobility Control, and the Ottoman State in an Age of Global Migration, 1880-1915.”

Journal of the Ottoman and Turkish Studies Association

Chapter January 01, 2016

The Political Economy of Armenian Migration from the Harput Region to North America in the Hamidian Era, 1885-1908.

Ali Sipahi et al. eds., The Ottoman East in the Nineteenth Century: Societies, Identities and Politics.


Migrants, Revolutionaries, and Spies: Surveillance, Politics, and Ottoman Identity in the United States”

Kent Schull and Christine Isom-Verhaaren eds., Living in the Ottoman Realm: Sultans, Subjects, and Elites.