Colin Morris

Colin Morris

Professor, History

Founders Hall, Room G24
Thursday 1:00-4:00PM
1 (914) 323-5144

About Me

Professor Colin Morris has taught history and American Studies at Manhattanville College since 1999. He was born and raised in Liverpool and Blackpool on the northwest coast of England. He earned his B.A. in American studies from the University of Manchester, U.K., and his M.A. and Ph.D. in history from the University of Rochester, where he studied American intellectual and literary history. Dr. Morris is a pioneer in pedagogical practices for first year college students; he served as Director of the First Year Program (2009-2104, 2017-2020), Assistant to the Provost for Foundational Programs (2009-2011), Director, Foundations of Excellence® in the First College Year Self-Study(2010-11), and is the recipient of the Outstanding First-Year Student Advocate Award, National Resource Center on the First-Year Experience, University of South Carolina (2014). Dr. Morris has also published scholarly articles and reviews on American writers’ political and religious conceptions of identity, nature, and place. His current writing projects are poetic responses to places past and present.

Current Courses
American Places I: Cities on a Hill
American Places II: Frontier Nation
The American Civil War
Reconstruction and the New South
The Salem Witch Trials
Early America
Civil War Writers
History of New York City
American Transcendentalism
The Gilded Age in America
American Assassins
American History Through Film
The Mississippi: Site, Scene, Symbol
History, Ph.D., University of Rochester
History, Master of Arts, University of Rochester
American Studies, Bachelor of Arts (Hons.), University of Manchester
Feature Publications


"'To Shut Out The World': Political Alienation in the Early Life and Works of Charles Brockden Brown"

Journal of the Early Republic, Vol. 24, No. 4 (Winter 2004), 609-39

Final Report

Foundations of Excellence in the First College Year® Manhattanville College Self-Study Project, May 2011

Awards & Grants

Outstanding 2014 First-Year Student Advocate, National Resource Center on the First-Year Experience and Students in Transition, University of South Carolina/Cengage Learning, 2014