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Manhattanville’s School of Nursing and Health Sciences’ offers two degrees: Bachelor of Science in Nursing for traditional 4-year and transfer students and an accelerated second degree Bachelor of Science in Nursing for students who already hold a Bachelor’s degree.*


I am delighted to welcome you to the School of Nursing and Health Sciences (SNHS) at Manhattanville College. You have embarked upon a wonderful transformative journey by taking the first steps in pursuit of your goal to become a nurse. The nursing field is growing at an accelerated rate, with the federal government projecting an expansion of 17% each year through 2028. Add to that an estimated one million registered nurses will retire by 2030, and it’s easy to understand why the demand for a well-educated nursing workforce will continue to grow.

Our mission is to educate health professionals from a holistic framework in preparation to meet the needs of humanity in a complex health system locally, nationally and globally. Nursing and health science are complementary to Manhattanville’s rich history in the liberal arts. Nurses who graduate from Manhattanville College will be design thinkers, patient-centered, high-tech high-care, holistically educated nurses who will impact health care institutions seeking to improve safety and health outcomes while enhancing the patient experience and achieve magnet status. Our philosophy of human caring is derived from Caritas principles and concepts. The Caritas provides a common language of kindness, equanimity, and authentic presence. The Caritas will guide you through your focus in caring for humanity and will assist you in all aspects of your interactions with others. Students who graduate from the Bachelor of Science major will be certified in end of life care (Micro-Credential) and have an opportunity to expand their knowledge in areas of interest and earn certificates which will enhance their knowledge and marketability.

The new Clinical Learning Laboratories, located right on campus, offers students realistic, hospital and outpatient like settings and situations, with state-of-the-art technology designed to transform education into experience. The clinical learning laboratory allows students to practice and combine technical skills and advance skills which will create linkages between theories to practice. Students will have opportunities to do their clinical rotations in premier sites in the New York Mid-Hudson and Metropolitan areas. Our faculty are experts in their respective clinical fields of practice, holistic health and contributions to healthcare. The nurse, as an agent of change, is a stellar inter-professional collaborator, who incorporates design thinking as a practical method for innovation and problem solving. It is through our mission and philosophy that, together, we collaboratively learn and grow.

To find out more about possible career paths in the healthcare field and how Manhattanville can help you reach your goals, please visit us online or on campus. We’re looking forward to helping you pursue your educational goals.



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