Dr. JoAnne Ferrara Receives Coveted PDS Award


Dr. JoAnne Ferrara Receives Coveted PDS Award

April 11, 2018 • Communications

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Dr. JoAnne Ferrara

Dr. JoAnne Ferrara is a true believer in the Professional Development School (PDS) movement! So much so, that at the recent national PDS conference held in South Carolina, she was awarded the prestigious Jason Kinsey-Friend of NAPDS Award given in recognition of unparalleled service to the work of professional development schools in general and to the national association, in particular. She was specifically cited for her excellent work at Manhattanville College and for the PDS movement in Westchester County.

Here at Manhattanville, Dr. Ferrara has been involved with the growth of PDSs through the School of Education. In 2002 there was one PDS in the Port Chester Schools, for which she has served as liaison since its inception. Now there are 14 PDSs in eight school districts operating successfully! Dr. Ferrara works closely with every single liaison in the 14 PDSs.

In his presentation of the award, Dr. Douglas Rogers, President of NAPDS, stated that Dr. Ferrara has merited this recognition, “because of her connection to the Association’s creation, her advocacy on behalf of professional development schools, and her role in collecting and distributing research through both Association publications and in the broader arena.” He went on to state that, “JoAnne was among those who were present at the early discussions of creating an association, later became a charter member of the Association, and was also present at the first summit where the Association’s nine essentials were crafted.”

As Dr. Ferrara dispenses her other crucial responsibilities here at Manhattanville College as the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs and a Professor for Childhood Education, she will continue her outstanding work with Manhattanville’s PDS schools and live up to the standards of “unparalleled service to the PDS movement.”

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