New York’s Scenic Hudson Valley Highlighted in Manhattanville College Alumnus’ Book


New York’s Scenic Hudson Valley Highlighted in Manhattanville College Alumnus’ Book

August 30, 2017 • Anonymous

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Telling most people to "take a hike," would come across off putting to say the least. However Manhattanville alumnus Mike Adamovic '12 would see it as an opportunity.

"Out on the trail you're always stumbling across something unique and noteworthy, be it a spectacular view or a chance encounter with wildlife," the nature photographer said. “Every time I'm outside in the woods I feel the need to document these experiences—partly for myself, but also to showcase the amazing sights that hide just beyond the tree line.”

Now, Adamovic has made it possible for you to experience some of the views and encounters that he has had in New York's Hudson Valley by publishing his first book of photography, "Hudson Valley Reflections: Illustrated Travel & Field Guide."

The book, which as Adamovic says "documents the history, natural history, and the lore of the Hudson Valley," features 150 photos from the author as well as essays he wrote showcasing the area. He began working on the book right after his graduation from Manhattanville taking photos that summer, however didn't decide to pursue publishing a book until he started getting articles published and wanted to pursue something bigger.

"I wanted a large project that would prove challenging and ultimately satisfying," Adamovic, a native of Dover Plains, New York, said, "I blended my interests and skills together to create something that extols and highlights the wonderful region I grew up in and called home during my four years at Manhattanville."

Studying at Manhattanville provided Adamovic a lot more than a short trip to his favorite trails in the Hudson Valley. He credits the hands-on learning experience the College provided him with helping steer him towards a career in nature photography, writing and conservation. He specifically recalled a field trip to the Long Island Sound to collect data on shoreline crabs with Professor Nancy Todd, and his yearlong senior research project, “Human Impacts on Biodiversity along the Appalachian Trail.”

“Manhattanville faculty instilled in me the idea that distance, like everything else in life, is relative. Set the bar high and anything is possible,” Adamovic said.

The former environmental studies major also finds his science background extremely useful while out in the woods photographing, as he is able to tell the story behind the different images he captures. He says that his knowledge of biology, botany, and ecology, helps him recognize rare species and habitats, as well as subtle details such as looking at the topography of the forest floor in connection with tree spacing and being able to get an idea of the forest’s age.

“While I focus on capturing the raw beauty of the surroundings, as a professional nature photographer, I like to go a step further and use many of these photos to highlight the need for conservation efforts.,” Adamovic said, “Helping someone visualize what an old-growth forest, threatened habitat, or a rare plant or animal looks like often makes it more personal—putting a face to a name, as it were.”

So now after just releasing his first book, the Manhattanville alumnus is already working on his second travelling all over the northeast featuring native plants to the region. "I've been traveling extensively over the past year to obtain photos for it, with a special aim at targeting some of region's rarest species," Adamovic said of his next venture.

In addition to checking out “Hudson Valley Reflections: Illustrated Travel & Field Guide,” which is available on Amazon, you can also visit his website, where he shares more photos he has taken on his adventures.