Manhattanville Dance Student Trains at Joffrey Ballet School


Manhattanville Dance Student Trains at Joffrey Ballet School

July 13, 2017 • Anonymous

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Taylor Logan performing in Ara Fitzgerald's "Zodiac Dance."

After completing the Joffrey Ballet School’s 2016 NYC Summer Ballet Intensive, Manhattanville student Taylor Logan ‘19 knew she wanted to pursue further training in ballet – but she didn’t want anything to interfere with the completion of her degree. So she found a way to do both by registering for Joffrey’s adult program.

Logan first learned about Joffrey through Ara Fitzgerald, professor of dance and theater. For the past year she has trained in the adult program working on not only ballet, but other styles of dance as well.

“My experience has been amazing…I think what is the best is that [the instructors] do not want to see you just succeed at Joffrey, but they want you to succeed everywhere,” said Logan.

She balances being a student at both institutions by doing homework on her commute to and from the city, working in the library across from Joffrey, and using any minute of free time to complete her studying.

The student has also been able to receive training for not only her performances at Joffrey, but her performances at Manhattanville as well.

“I have had privates with some of my Joffrey teachers to help me work on a senior thesis I was in this semester, ‘In A Word’ by Jess Roller. I have been able to have my hip hop teacher help me a lot with the hip hop section of the senior thesis,” said Logan. “He takes the time to watch the YouTube videos Jess posts of our rehearsals and then works with me on the hip hop section. Some of my ballet and modern teachers have done the same.”Taylor Logan at the Joffrey Ballet School.

Logan has studied tap, modern jazz, hip hop, contemporary, lyrical, and character dancing, but knew she wanted to pursue ballet after her grandmother showed her the Connecticut Ballet Company’s production of “The Nutcracker” when she was 7 years old.

“I was so focused on it that I did not move or respond to anyone for the whole time it was on the TV,” the dance student said. “When I was younger…I wanted to do a production like ‘The Nutcracker.’ As I have gotten older, it’s become much more about how much I love the movements and the challenges.”

While her coursework in ballet and modern dance armed her with skills necessary to succeed at Joffrey, Logan still looks to her Manhattanville professors for advice.

“My dance teachers obviously critique my technique and give me exercises to increase my flexibility, but I’ve also had a high school accounting teacher give me advice about confidence,” Logan said. “Every teacher matters and they will give you advice that will help your career, whether it’s in their field of expertise or not.”

Her love of dance led her to Manhattanville. On top of an incredible scholarship she received, she knew the College’s program attracts many student and professional dancers alike.

“A family friend used to be a dance professor here and would bring me to see performances and to meet other students,” said Logan. “Also, many of my friends from my hometown have gone here, or continue to come here for dance.”

She also chose Manhattanville because it was one of the few programs that would allow for her to study both dance and business management. Allowing her to double major has provided Logan an excellent opportunity to pursue her dreams.

“My ultimate goal is to open a dance school that’s a combination of my hometown dance studio’s teaching style and Joffrey’s teaching style,” she said.

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