Manhattanville Global Ambassadors Building Bridges


Manhattanville Global Ambassadors Building Bridges

May 1, 2017 • Anonymous

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Manhattanville Student Ana Cerro meeting with high school students.
On a mission to strengthen the cultural diversity of Manhattanville College, seven students participated in the Global Ambassador program, speaking to high school students around the world about the College.

Students, Elene Beridze ‘17, Ana Cerro ‘20, Ruijie Jin ‘20, Elizaveta Narova ‘17, Milica Milic ’19, and Daniel Munoz ’20, all had the opportunity to go back to their high schools as representatives, and make a presentation about Manhattanville, and Uma Banjeree ‘20, attended an Education USA college fair held in India.

This program, which was re-launched this past winter, was created to allow current students to serve as resources for prospective international students who are currently deciding if Manhattanville is a good fit for them academically and personally.

During their first meeting, Lena Adely, assistant director of the international admissions, explained to the students, “There is nothing like hearing a story direct from the front lines – when students speak about their own experience, those messages come to life for your audience.”

Jin, who visited No. 3 High School of Kunming China, met with students who were interested in studying abroad. As part of his presentation, Jin focused on the environment of the College and the support system students get throughout their four years from not only their advisors, but their professors as well.

Milic, who visited Slobodan Skerovic in her home country of Montenegro, shared, “I realized it wouldn’t be easy to get them interested into going so far from home to attend a college which they knew little about, but I was glad to be able to bring my current school to the classroom of students whose own education system is so different from my own.”

Adely plans on continuing this program and is currently trying to find ways to further develop the Global Ambassador program.

Photo Above: Anna Cerro ’20 and students at Colegio Britanico de Cartagena in Colombia. Contributed Photo.
Written by: Sabrina Francois ‘18


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