Manhattanville Student's Film Receives Award Nomination


Manhattanville Student's Film Receives Award Nomination

April 13, 2017 • Anonymous

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Richard Schertzer ’19, returned to Manhattanville College from winter break to good news, his film, “The Little Chapel,” had been nominated for an iHorror award.

Every year iHorror selects recipients who have contributed to the genre and awards those who have given their lives to the art of horror within all types of media. Schertzer, a music business major and digital media production minor, found his nomination to be, “a surprising moment.”

“The Little Chapel,” focuses on a young girl named Stacy who tries to bring her friend back from the dead after a terrible accident, but unfortunately events take a turn for the worse. The film is about three and a half minutes long, and was produced, directed, and shot at Manhattanville College.

The film was made as part of an Intro to Digital Media Production class taught by Professor Christine Dehne, and took about two and a half months to complete including concept, development, production, and post-production. Schertzer also had the help of other Manhattanvile students, Bruno Bucsan ’19, Jenna Nance ’18, and Janea Fells ’19, who worked on sound, and Jessica Cinquemani ’19, as the lead actress.

The filmmaker also pointed out that he had a few inspirations that led to the making of this film. He explained that after watching “The Exorcist,” and not finding it as scary as he expected, he decided to try and make his own film involving a macabre mood that would keep the audience on edge.

Schertzer stated, "I wanted to play with the audience's mind and make people jump up out of their seats and give people a few scares.”

The film has also been named a finalist in the All Seas Film Festival and will be included in the student film screenings of Manhattanville’s International Film Festival among others. For his next project, Schertzer has finished writing the sequel entitled, "Chapel" which he hopes will get produced in the fall of 2017.

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