Manhattanville Student Reflects on 2017 Women’s Leadership Conference


Manhattanville Student Reflects on 2017 Women’s Leadership Conference

April 7, 2017 • Anonymous

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Seven Manhattanville Students and Loren McDermott attend the Women's Leadership Conference.

The following was written by Waed Hassan ’19 about the Women’s Leadership Conference, she and six other students attended with Loren McDermott, director of Manhattanville College’s Center for Student Success, on March 24.

The other students who attended the conference were Angelina Guzzo-Crocamo ’17, Kristen Javis ’20, Maricruz Herrera ’19, Terissa Simental ’19, Christina Sappington ’19, and Wardah Alakrah ’19. The entire group from Manhattanville is pictured above.


Women’s Leadership Conference
She Can. We Can.
Know Your Worth
On Friday, March 24, I attended the Women’s Leadership Conference at Pace University as part of Manhattanville’s group of students present at the event. The conference was titled “She Can. We Can.” and it was the first conference I attended that tackled the topic of feminism and female empowerment. The conference kicked off with a highly inspirational keynote speaker. As the founder of the Look for the Good Project, Anne Kubitsky managed to bring a lively presentation to the crowd of college students. She presented her gratitude project that transformed from single letters into a book and an award winning organization. Everybody was able to relate to her during the activity as we wrote down what we are grateful for. The end result was long rows of grateful sticky notes. We were all presented with little thank you cards to pass on the spirit.

The conference consisted of two sessions, each offering three different speakers and topics of discussion. The highlight of the conference for me was the discussion led by Gabrielle Martone “Knowing Your Worth.” As an unmarried and outgoing female minister, Martone represented the outreaching and confident spirit she lectured about. She left the attendees with essential lessons: talk to yourself like you would talk to your best friends, and be your confident and unique self. I was so touched by her presentation that I gave her my thank you note.

Another enlightening moment was during the second session, “Feminism: why do we need it? Why is it important? What’s in it for me?” led by Alyssa Caffarelli. We were asked to list traits associated with females and the results were a combination of positive and negative adjectives. This brings me to why such conferences are important: BREAKING THE STEREOTYPE.

Empowering yourself as a women starts by learning more about yourself and your situation in society. I’m very glad I had the chance to attend this event because it helped me learn more about myself, my position, and my worth.

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